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Sandra Tames — McKinney, Texas

In my field, you learn that hiring an expert pays off. And believe me, it's the same with selling and purchasing a home. I want everyone to know about AgentHarvest®.com. They saved me time, money, and stress! AgentHarvest®.com really came to the rescue. It's the best way to find an expert in residential real estate.

Before I found AgentHarvest®.com, nothing was happening with the sale of my home! When I first decided to sell I contacted real estate agents in my area from their direct-mail pieces. I hired a married couple, thinking that two is better than one – but it didn't work out that way.

We signed the contracts and they stuck the sign in the yard. It was rather dark when they took pictures, but their credentials showed they had so much experience. I priced myself in the middle of the range they gave me. They accepted my price with no feedback, just an OK. I thought, whew, that was easy! Yes, a little too easy.

My experience included:

  • House priced too high from the beginning
  • Poor quality flyer with dark photos and incomplete info (so I created a better one with new pictures and listed features)
  • No client education
  • Brokers open house scheduled on Tax Day
  • Agents unreachable by phone
  • Confusing answers to e-mails
  • Incomplete and inaccurate information
  • Intimidation tactics when I discussed canceling my contract
  • Truly the worst customer service ever!

With all this frustration, and the fact that my immaculate home wasn't getting any action, I went out and discovered that other homes in my area were priced from $8-12K lower! They were in great condition, staged correctly, and some even had their own website. I was beside myself; I couldn't compete with this!

I e-mailed my agent (because I could never get her on the phone, and he had just disappeared) and sent her the information. Her lame response was, "I suggest you lower your price." My agent wasn't updating me with market comparisons on a weekly, bi-weekly, or even a monthly status. She just wasn't watching the market. There was no communication – this confirmed that they were doing nothing to sell my home. It felt like a nightmare. I was neglected, poorly serviced, and trapped in a contract; this couldn't continue!

Using Google, I found AgentHarvest®.com. I was on a mission to locate a top-quality real estate agent in my area who could help me find my next home. Clearly, the existing agents were not interested. I read the information on the website, filled out the form, and requested that someone contact me. I got an immediate response! I told the AgentHarvest® representative all about my situation, and he assured me that AgentHarvest® could help me find a professional, successful agent for the purchase of my new home.

I got calls from AgentHarvest® agents the very next day. Each was extremely professional and very knowledgeable. The agent I chose counseled me on the market value of my current home so it would be priced correctly. Since there was no effective communication with my first agent, I let her know what the new price would be. I asked her to notify the agents who had been through my home that the price had changed. Thanks to the information provided by my AgentHarvest®.com agent, I had a contract on my home literally within two hours of the price change!

I was thrilled, and with my home finally under contract, and armed with my new agent, the search was on. I had become so stressed after weeks of stagnation, but my new agent gave me the time and support I needed. He tackled things right away, and the customer service was top-notch. We found my new home and had a contract to purchase after only two weeks! I could not have achieved these results without my AgentHarvest®.com agent.

In addition, the rep from AgentHarvest®.com stayed in touch. He made sure the process was going smoothly, and also let me know he had other resources available when I needed them. If I had known about AgentHarvest®.com from the beginning, I believe my house would've sold much sooner. My home sales experience began in the depths of poor service, but finished at the height of customer satisfaction. To start out on the right foot, my advice is to contact AgentHarvest®.com.

— Sandra Tames, McKinney, Texas

Sharon Foote — Lewisville, Texas

I received all of your info, and I have already met with a realtor. Your service was so extremely helpful. The AgentHarvest® Elite Agent I hired is Wonderful!! I couldn't have done it without AgentHarvest®. AgentHarvest® made it so easy. Thank you.

— Sharon Foote

Rachel A. - Katy, Texas

Your website was easy and informative. We interviewed all 3 agents. We met and chose an AgentHarvest agent. She proved to us they were very experienced and we found her very personable. Our experience was wonderful and thank you very much.

— Rachel

Howard B. Cedar Hill, Texas

Our AgentHarvest agent did a fine job; but it did take 3 months to sell as were kinda in a bad area. She did fine though.

— Howard

Yovela K. - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Your website was very helpful. Our agent did a great job, sold it quickly for full price and made it just painless! Thanks.

— Yovela

Tricia T. - Carrollton, Texas

Your website made it so easy to know what to do as it was the first home I've ever sold. Of the 3 agents, I chose to work with Jay. They were all so helpful but Jay was so willing to listen to my needs and followed through with everything. He sold my house in 4 days! Thank you.

— Tricia T.

Bob E. - Castle Rock, Colorado

We liked one of the AgentHarvest agents a lot. Went with her after a bad experience with another realty company. Had the home on the market for 60 days with 40 showings, no offers. Our AgentHarvest agent listed my home after that and exposed my house to many more outlets that brought 3 offers in the first 7 days.......awesome!!!! Received my asking price. She was extremely proficient in keeping me informed on a daily basis and made several recommendations to us that upgraded our home appeal. I highly recommend her to sell your home ... a true professional.

— Bob

Jun Chen — McKinney, Texas

I would thank you so much for your agent recommendations. The AgentHarvest® Elite Agent I chose was so professional and such a dedicated broker. He and his team are the best. I would love to keep him for all my properties in Texas.

— Jun Chen

Sarah S. — Plano, Texas

AgentHarvest® quickly and objectively selected for me 3 of the top-ranked real estate agents for my area. After interviewing each, the one I selected did an outstanding job and sold my home in a week! Thank you AgentHarvest® for taking the guesswork out of choosing an agent.

— Sarah

Robert W. -— Dallas, Texas

From day 1, our agent took the ball and ran with it. Last week she informed us that a buyer was ready to jump on the short sale of our property, she has been working with the bank and is negotiating a greatly reduced Promissory Note for us to sign, The Promissory Note will be at "0" % interest, and she even informed us that after a period of 1-2 years, we might even be able to renegotiate a final, reduced payment on the note. Other than the serious affiliated "dings" on my Credit Report, I wish I knew about this option several months earlier. Had I been able to save the $3500/month toward a lost cause earlier, I would be in a better position now - but - we are VERY grateful that this opportunity availed itself through your company - AgentHarvest®.

Your services were timely, professional and - in working with you, we found a person who was kind, understanding and compassionate during a time of tremendous stress and difficulty for us. Having NEVER missed any kind of payment in my life prior to this, it was very embarrassing to admit that I was in way over my head. Through your help and understanding, for the first time in a long time, I felt that we could breath again. The process is going forward expeditiously and we will soon be on our way to recovery.

I would recommend you, your company and its services to anyone who is "stuck between a rock and a hard place" to work directly with you and with any of the real estate agents you endorse to them. In our case, it seemed that a short sale was the only viable route to go to and your screening and recommendation of our agent has proven to be EXCELLENT for us, all around. Thank you very much!!!

Follow Up a Few Months Later:
Thank you for all your help. Our agent did a GREAT job. For the 1st time in many months, CitiMortgage isn't calling us up to 8-10 times a day and we are feeling some peace returning to our lives. With that "millstone" off our necks, we can breath a bit better and look forward to getting back on our feet.

We had been approached by many "vultures" out there regarding our property in Dallas - then you came along and nothing but good started to happen from then on. Thank you again for all of your help, advice and support. Without you, none of this would have happened!

— Robert W.

Tim Klein — Richardson, Texas

AgentHarvest® found me three great seller's agents to choose from. And when one of them suggested a radically different selling strategy than the others did, Bill Petrey took the time to answer my questions and help me understand the lay of the land. The agent I ultimately chose was fantastic, and in fact I used him again later to help me sell my second house.

— Tim

Gillian Wu — Dallas, Texas

We found our agent through your service in June, and we worked together to sell our listed property. The agent we found through your service worked hard to communicate with me, the buyer's agent, and other involved parties. He thoroughly explained things to us and told us what he would do if he were in our position. He fought hard while representing us during negotiations and we really appreciate his effort. Our story may not be a good candidate for testimonial, but overall, we had a positive experience in finding an agent through AgentHarvest®. If I have the opportunity, I'll recommend your service to anyone I know who wants to use a licensed Realtor in a real estate transaction.

Thank you!

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