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Frequently Asked Questions By Agents

Why Should I Be Recognized as an Elite Agent™?

We are looking for the best-selling agents in certain real estate markets. We want your help in servicing our clients looking for agents to buy or sell a house. Being recognized as an AgentHarvest® Elite™ shows potential customers that an independent third-party, AgentHarvest® endorses your abilities.

How Do I Join the AgentHarvest Elite?

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How Much Do These Leads Cost?

We only charge a 25% referral fee due after closing for buyer and seller referrals. You owe nothing until the property sells. We do not charge any fees associated with referrals, territories or being recognized as an AgentHarvest® Elite Agent™. We also offer residential lease referrals at a discounted rate of 15%.

What Type of Referrals Can I Expect?

Approximately 95% of our Buyer/Seller referrals are single-family listings and a majority of our lease referrals are for lease tenants. A majority of our referrals are clients wanting to work with agents, not just looking for an agent to unlock a door or answer questions about someone else's listing.

What is the Quality of These Leads?

Our goal is to connect our agents with our clients as quickly as possible. We also want to make sure every lead is a quality lead. Since both goals are counterproductive to the other, we try to strike a balance between both goals. Our referrals are sent simultaneously to all (max of 3) agents in the client's area at the same time your information is sent to the client. All this is done after we confirm the client's email address. We continuously work to improve the quality and timeliness of every referral we send and make improvements whenever possible. It's of mutual benefit to maintain quality referrals, even if that means fewer referrals.

How Are Territories Chosen?

Territories are organized by city or town. Big cities may be divided into smaller sub-sections. Agents chosen to work with AgentHarvest® can choose any territory they currently service based on availability, but they must agree to serve the entire area. Areas are assigned by AgentHarvest based on availability and an agent's performance in that area.

Will I Have To Compete for the Listing?

Only three agents represent a single area. All agents are given the referral at the same time so there is an equal chance to schedule an interview. We stress to our clients the importance of interviewing all three agents to gather enough information to help them make an informed decision.

Does AgentHarvest® Waive the Fee if the Client Contacts Me First?

We send your information to the client immediately so there is a possibilty that they will contact you before you discover our referral. Since they are calling you because we sent them your information, no waiver will be granted. However, there may be an occasion where the client contacts you before they get your information from our site. In that case, we may waive the fee for that client. To be entitled to a waiver, you must show that you were communicating with the client regarding the transaction described in the referral before AgentHarvest®'s auto-generated timestamp that is created when we submit your infomation to the client. The client must also confirm prior contact related to the transaction described in the referral. AgentHarvest® MUST BE NOTIFIED within 5 days of delivery of the referral if any conflict exists. No waivers are given after the 5 day deadline.

What Happens if Another Referral Company Sends the Same Referral?

On rare occasion, people submit their info to multiple referral sites when looking for agents. If you receive the same referral from another referral company, we can waive the referral fee if you prove a competitor's referral for the same client and transaction was received BEFORE the time marked on our referral's "Date of Submission" timestamp and that conflict is reported to AgentHarvest® within 5 DAYS after receiving the referral. If our referral was sent first and you're in a situation where both referral companies demand a fee, your best option is to not service the referral.

Have Additional Questions?

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