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Why Our Agents Are Better

We are Client-Focused, not Agent-Focused

Our competitors try to get as many agents as possible to join their nationwide program. They let agents choose all the territories they want to cover on a first-come, first-served manner. When you use their services, you may get an agent that's never sold a house in your area. Or worse, you may get an agent that's never even sold a house. AgentHarvest® is client-focused, not agent-focused. We hand-pick the agents we match you with based on their ability to sell houses in your area. Not every agent meets our published standards and evaluation criteria.

We Choose Top-Selling Agents, not Paid Advertisers

Our competitors make money whether your house sells or not by charging real estate agents fees to advertise on their site and to receive your information.  AgentHarvest® only makes money if your transaction is successful. We do not charge membership fees, subscription fees or any fee to receive your information. We only make money if you are successful in your real estate transaction so it's important that we find the best agents available to help you. Our competitors make money recruiting agents and selling your information to those agents. We only make money if our agent is successful buying or selling your house.

We Recruit Top-Performing Agents, not Warm Bodies with a Real Estate License

Our competitors recruit as many agents as possible to join their program. They even try to enroll every agent in the same real estate agency. This means that they will select any, and every agent that wants to join. They don't focus on quality, but we do. AgentHarvest® is very selective in it's agent enrollment.  We hand-select agents and extend them a personal invitation to join. Not just any agent can become an AgentHarvest® Elite agent.

We Find the Right Agents for Each Area

Our competitors let agents pick the areas they want to represent. We know our customers benefit if we put agents in areas where they're already performing at their best. That's why we make the final decision on area assignments. We know that you want the best agent based on how they perform in YOUR AREA.

We Focus on Specific Areas Instead of Nationwide Coverage

Our competitors have agents in every city, county, and state; a territory way too large for any company to cover with any expectation of quality. That's why we focus on a select handful of metro areas, become familiar with each local real estate market, find the best agents and assign them to the areas where we are certain they will perform at their best.

All of our Ranking Methodologies are Fully-Disclosed

When other sites pick agents, they don't offer you any explanation or hints about their selection criteria. They don't explain exactly how they came to anoint someone as a 'Top Agent.' AgentHarvest® helps people find an agent by looking at their selling histories, achievements and how they rank regionally or nationally within their brokerage. Here is how we select your agents explained in detail.

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