Why Homeowners Choose The Other Real Estate Agent

You know beyond a doubt that you are a successful real estate agent.  You have been asked by AgentHarvest to give a listing presentation to a homeowner in a neighborhood that you’ve sold lots of houses in.  You have done your homework, you know the neighborhood, and you have a great reputation in the real estate industry.  Basically this listing is in the bag.  However, you discover that you couldn’t be more wrong.  The homeowner chose another real estate agent.  Where did you go wrong?  Why did they choose the another agent?

I’m in a unique position to see successful real estate agents lose listings all the time, which is why I am writing this article.  Our company, AgentHarvest, introduces homeowners to top-producing agents that have a track record of selling houses in the client’s local area.  After our clients meet with the agents we select, we get their impressions of each agent they interviewed.  The most popular reason one agent is chosen over another will surprise you.  In most cases, it’s not the agent’s famous name, real estate team, big-name brokerage firm, hi-tech tools, color charts and graphs, pages of stats or even the unrealistic promise of an unobtainable listing price that wins them over.  In our experience, the most popular reason one successful real estate agent is chosen over another equally qualified agent all boils down to one thing … ENTHUSIASM.

Some of the feedback I’ve received from various clients about their favorite agents includes phrases like, “They were all good, but this one seemed like he’d work harder to sell our house” or,  “We thought he would be the most aggressive”  and, “We feel he’d do a better job.”  Notice I didn’t say, “Wow he had impressive slides,” or, “Great color handouts,” or even, “It’s an honor to be represented by The Petrey Team, I am in deed fortunate to have his sign in my yard.”  No, it’s not the tools, the polished presentation or the smooth way you schmooze the clients.  Really, none of that matters.  Homeowners only care about two things.  Are you successful at selling houses?  And, how enthusiastic are you about selling mine?

Be enthusiastic you say?  What does that mean?  I don’t mean walking in with a fake smile while proclaiming, “wow, what a beautiful home you have.”  Believe it or not, homeowners see through that fake sincerity crap.  Instead, be enthusiastic about selling homes and serving your clients.  Enthusiastically market them, show them, and put them in the best possible light.  Let your enthusiasm show in the smallest of details, in the pictures you take, your knowledge of their neighborhood and home, buyer followup and in your communications with your client.

During your next listing presentation, don’t rely on your pretty listing presentation or your big name, team name or agency’s name.  Show them you can sell houses then show off your enthusiasm about selling theirs.

Are you an enthusiastic agent?  If so, share examples of your enthusiasm with us in the comments below.  AgentHarvest is always looking for ENTHUSIASTIC agents to refer to our clients.

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