Where Should New Real Estate Agents Look for New Clients?

Real estate agent talking on mobile phoneBeing a new agent can be tough, particularly if you are in a new area or city. Whether you’re a long time agent who just moved or a new agent getting started, here are some great places you can go to find new clients.

Chamber of Commerce

If you are testing out your elevator pitch and looking to build new business relationships, one of the best places to start is the local Chamber of Commerce.

A Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit that works to help businesses in the area. If you are in a small town, the local city chamber will be able to help you connect with other local business owners through networking events, meet and greet events with elected officials, and community events.

In bigger metropolitan areas, you may find regional or very specialized chambers. For example, the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce serving communities around Portland, Maine or the Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce focused on Hispanic business owners in Denver, Colorado.

Church, Synagogue, Mosque, or Other Religious Organizations

People like working with and helping people with similar beliefs, so you can get a quick inside track going to your local church, synagogue, mosque, temple, or wherever people of your faith go to pray.

They call it a congregation for a reason. People congregate there. One of the first questions people often ask when they meet someone new is “what do you do?” If you put a friendly a professional face forward, you can answer that and pass over your business card as well.

Community Organizations

People involved with local community non-profits are generally trusted, well-to-do people in the community. Isn’t that how you want to be viewed by prospective clients?

If you join a local non-profit board, you will meet tons of great people with passion for a great cause and lots of prospective clients in the process.

Remember, your primary use of time here will not be client connections, so be prepared for hard work as well. But good deeds and karma tend to come around with great results later on.


Are you a parent of a child in a local school? That gives you a big inside track to meet with lots of community focused homeowners in your neighborhood.

The Parent Teacher Association brings concerned parents together with school teachers and administrators. The people who regularly attend PTA meetings are generally community focused and well connected. If you make a good impression, they might refer new people moving into the neighborhood your way.

Review Websites

A good result in Yelp or Google Places can make or break a business. Be proactive and make sure you have a quality Yelp page, Google results, Facebook page, and Foursquare profile.

These sites can lead to huge results if you get consistent, regular, high quality reviews. Encourage past customers to leave you an honest review. If you do great work for people, that can lead to great online referral traffic.

Do a Great Job

The best advertising you can do for your business is to treat each client as you would want to be treated and help them have a smooth, easy, low stress transaction. Always work hard, do a great job, and encourage your current and past customers to share your contact information with friends and family if they were happy with your service.

If you always do a great job, you will see clients come knocking more and more over time.

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