VA & Military Real Estate Specialist (VAMRES)

As an active duty military member, you regularly have to move around the country, and sometimes internationally, to fulfill your duties. As a veteran, you may have special needs and requirements when buying a home, such as proximity to a military base or VA facility. Any agent can help you buy and sell a home, but only a VA & Military Real Estate Specialist (VAMRES) designated agent has taken the time to become a certified specialist in meeting your needs.

How Does an Agent Earn the VAMRES Certification?

To earn the VA & Military Real Estate Specialist designation, an agent must complete a full day course in addition to their real estate agent license. This course is open to Realtors, bank and credit union loan officers, title agents, and escrow agents.

Major topics include discussions on who is eligible for VA financing and how VA financing programs works. Classes also include information on the unique circumstances affecting active duty military, military families, and Veterans.

In addition to the classes, to earn the VAMRES designation an agent must pass the VAMRES test and earn 3 additional elective points. Points are earned for being a military member or veteran, being a spouse, child or parent of a military member, or closing VA transactions.

What Are the Benefits of Working with a VA & Military Real Estate Specialist?

A VA & Military Real Estate Specialist is specifically trained in helping veterans and active duty military personnel buy and sell homes. As any military family understands, the needs of those serving our nation are much different than typical households, who only rarely move within a city, let alone across the country or to bases in other parts of the world.

In addition to frequent moves, military personnel have other special needs and considerations. Proximity to a base may be an important requirement for your family, and finding housing near bases can be more difficult or expensive due to the demand from other families. A VAMRES agent knows the housing near military installations better than typical agents, and may know of houses coming up for sale before they hit the market due to their focus on the area.

VAMRES agents knowledge goes beyond buying and selling homes, as active duty and veteran military families also have access to special loans and funding that other families don’t, namely VA Loans. These mortgages require special approval and paperwork that conventional mortgages do not, and a VA & Military Real Estate Specialist has experience and additional training to assist you with your VA loan as quickly and stress free as possible.

The benefits of working with a VA & Military Real Estate Specialist designated agent include some of the following:

  • Knowledge of the real estate market surrounding bases and military installations
  • A deep connection to the local military community built through experience
  • Knowledge of what is required to close a mortgage with VA financing

The military niche is different than most American households, and the sacrifice active duty and military veterans make should be respected and honored. VAMRES agents understand this and work hard to satisfy the unique needs of this market segment.

How Can You Find a VA & Military Real Estate Specialist Designated Agent?

If you are a military member or veteran and want to work with a VAMRES agent to find your next home, the Agent Harvest search engine is your go-to resource no matter where in American you are looking for a home.

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  1. Is the VAMRES an NAR approved designation? How many CE credit hours? Can it be taken online? What are the prerequisites other than being a veteran (I am)

    • You should speak to a loan specialist at your local bank who is knowledgeable about VA loans.

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