Top Ten Ways To Tell When Your Real Estate Career Is In The Dumps

Times are tough for real estate agents right now.  Here are a few ways to tell if your career in real estate may be in the dumps.

  1. When renewing your license with the state Real Estate Commission, they send you a form letter with only one word printed on it, .. “Seriously?”
  2. After earning the ABR, ALC, CIPS, CPM, CRS, e-PRO, and GRI professional designations you discover that you can’t earn any C-A-S-H.
  3. One of your listings proves that the DOM counter in your local MLS actually sports a fourth digit.
  4. You can attribute your experience in probate sales to your listings outliving your clients.
  5. Your broker wants you to become a mentor, only to serve as an example of what NOT to do.
  6. Your motto becomes “Well, At Least I’m Ethical.”
  7. Googling your name only gets you 5 results, but when you add the word “sucks” you get 5000 results.
  8. You are featured in as “Agent of the Year.”
  9. Every agent in your office is on a team but you.
  10. Instead of “JUST LISTED” riders, you have “STILL LISTED” riders.
  11. (BONUS) You try to solicit clients at funerals.

Thanks to Dr. Kenneth W. Edwards, author of  “Your Successful Real Estate Career” and columnist for Realty Times for the topic idea.
If my top ten list sounds like your real estate career, maybe you’d better consider buying Kenneth’s book.

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