Top 10 Signs You Hired The Wrong Real Estate Agent

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You’re home has been listed for months and no one’s interested in it.  Is it a problem with the house, the housing market, or your neighborhood?  Possibly, but it could also be your real estate agent’s fault.  The Forbes article, referenced below, focuses on five traits that could point the finger of blame squarely at your real estate agent.  I’ve also added a few more.

  1. Lack of Communication
  2. Lack of Leadership
  3. Unused Resources
  4. Too Much Pressure
  5. Lack of Follow-Up

While these five signs are good, I have a few more.

Weakness During Negotiations

When you first interviewed them, were they willing to reduce their commissions without a struggle?  If they’ll give away their earnings, they’ll give away yours even quicker when the buyer negotiations start.

Lack of Organization and Timeliness

Are they constantly misplacing things or mismanaging their time?  If they can’t organize their personal or professional lives, they’ll probably be disorganized regarding the details of your sale too.  There’s a lot of paperwork that needs to be shuffled around between parties, and deadlines that must be met.  Odds are a mismanaged person will not meet those important deadlines and that will cost you money.

Doesn’t Offer Advice

One of the most important reasons to hire an agent is to take advantage of their experience.  If they don’t share it or worse, don’t have it, you’re missing out on advice that could result in a timely sale or a higher sales price.

Not Willing to Walk Away

During a client interview, some agents will agree to almost anything to get a listing.  They’ll agree to things that they know will prevent the house from selling, just to get the listing.  This is a common trait for a desperate agent and desperate agents do not sell houses.

Doesn’t Stay Current

The industry is changing everyday.  You want an agent that keeps up with the market, the industry, technology, new laws and regulations.  Not only do you risk not using a valuable real estate tool, but you also run the risk of violating new laws your agent is unfamiliar with.

The Biggest Sign You Hired the Wrong Agent…

The biggest sign that you hired the wrong agent could be that you didn’t hire a top-producing Realtor selling the most houses in your area.

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