Top 10 Signs That You Hired a Bad Real Estate Agent

Not every real estate agent is worth having.  How can you tell a good agent from a bad real estate agent?  Here are the top 10 signs that you might have hired a bad real estate agent…

10.  Agent looks 20 years older than the picture on her business card.

9.  Thinks “social media” means looking at cat pictures on Facebook.

8.  Slides on her listing presentation still show “insert agent name here.”

7.  Proclaims a suggested list price $100,000 higher than the market in order to win your business then drops the price like a rock after two weeks of inactivity.

6.  Advertises your house in a local magazine, with her picture covering 90% of the page and your house the size of a postage stamp.

5.  Has all the popular acronyms like CRS, CRE and GRI but rarely sees a HUD-1.

4.  Has a surprised look on her face when she sells a house.

3.  Can’t keep her thumb out of the pictures of your MLS listing.

2.  Thinks every offer is the best offer and you should jump on it.

1.  You have a better relationship with her voicemail than you do with her.

Don’t make the mistake of hiring a real estate agent like this.  Choosing the right real estate agent can make the difference between selling your house and just listing it.  AgentHarvest can help you find the best available Realtor to sell your house.

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  1. Not bad! Although I don’t visit your blog much but I must say that you always post amazing information and the theme is quite good. Keep us updated mate! I love your blog and will keep on appreciating your effort every time I visit.

  2. I notice that the bad real estate agent in your top ten is a ‘her’. Shocked you haven’t been given a hard time about that yet, wait for it.

    • If they didn’t before, now that you put the suggestion in their head, they might. Thanks!

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