The Best Apps for Real Estate Agents On-the-Go

real estate appsReal estate agents are always on the move. Keeping up with buyers, sellers, showings, inspections, listings, and all of the other parts of your job would be hard enough from a desk, but anyone who knows real estate knows that great realtors are always on the move.

Keeping up with everything used to mean paper calendars and regular calls to the office, but with today’s mobile technology, running your business on an iPad or phone is as easy as ever. Here are the top apps to keep you productive on the go.


HomeSnap is the best featured MLS app available today. If you are driving around with a client and want to know more about any house, just take a picture and the app will find everything you need to know.

HomeSnap also allows you to search by neighborhood, city, zip, address, or MLS number and gives you all the details you need.

HomeSnap is available on the web and has an app for iOS, Android.


Keeping track of a big to-do list can be tricky, particularly when you are dealing with multiple clients and properties. To keep all of my projects straight, I use Asana.

Asana is a free to-do list manager that allows you to collaborate with multiple people, assign tasks, and track multiple projects from one place.

Asana is available on the web and has an app for iPhone, Android, and iPad.


Evernote is a notepad that can go with you everywhere and a whole lot more.

I have Evernote installed on both of my laptops, my tablet, and my phone. If I add a text note, voice note, image, video, link, or anything else I need to remember, it is instantly available on all of my devices.

Evernote helps me keep projects organized and accessible on the go, which is important when you have to keep each client’s information conveniently accessible and secure.


Dropbox is a cloud storage drive that you can access from anywhere. If I have Word or Excel documents, images, or any other type of digital file that I need in more than one place, Dropbox is my go-to app.

One of the best features for real estate agents is the automatic image upload tool. If you go to a home to take pictures, the images can be automatically uploaded to your Dropbox instantly. They will be available on your computer the next time you sit down without doing anything else, or you can share the Dropbox folder with a colleague for instant access as well.

Dropbox is free up to 2GB of storage (or more if you follow some easy online steps). Additional storage and premium business features are available for an additional fee.


If This Then That, known more commonly by the acronym IFTTT, is a powerful automation tool for dozens of apps and tools you already use.

This completely free service allows you to create simple automation rules using a combination of 98 (and growing) channels.

You can automatically share a new blog post on social media, if the weather will be sunny then send out a Tweet, if you miss a call from your boss then send an email response, if you get an email from a client then add to your Evernote, if your assistant uploads an image to flickr then add it to your Dropbox.

There are thousands of useful combinations.

Google Calendar (Android) or Sunrise Calendar (iOS)

You have to know where you need to be and when you need to be there. Paper calendars are so last decade. Time to upgrade to an online calendar.

I use Google Calendar to connect my personal calendar, Outlook calendar at the office, Facebook calendar, US holiday calendar, religious holiday calendar, travel calendar, and Meetup calendars all in one place.

I get event notifications on my phone and I can update my calendar at my desk or on the go. I’ll never forget a meeting again!

Buying or Selling a Home? There’s an App For That!

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