Tesla Rooftop Solar Coming Soon to a House Near You

Roofing is not an exciting aspect of real estate to most people, but that may change with new developments from Tesla. Tesla is most known for its electric sports cars, but the company, led by entrepreneurial visionary Elon Musk, is trying to completely change how power grids works around the world. At the center of it is a giant battery and new roofing tiles that may show up shortly on your neighbor’s roof!

The Tesla PowerWall

Before we get into rooftop solar, it is important to understand how electricity works in your home and how the Tesla PowerWall comes into play. Power plants are constantly making power, and that power is transmitted out into a grid that connects homes and businesses with power lines. Homes that add solar power use that electricity to power their home and any excess power is sent out to the grid to be used by other power company customers.

The PowerWall is a giant battery that homeowners can mount to their home, most commonly in the garage, that captures the excess power from rooftop solar panels. The battery is charged during the day and after the sun goes down, the battery can power the entire home for the night. The newest model, the PowerWall 2, costs about $7,000 installed. Homes up to three bedrooms do well with one PowerWall while larger homes with four or more bedrooms generally require two PowerWalls.

Rooftop Solar is Ugly

Rooftop Solar Pannel Array

Traditional solar panels are not just expensive, they are ugly. While the environmental impact and long-term financial results are wonderful, they are not a pretty addition to your rooftop. In suburban neighborhoods, solar panels can be quite an eye sore!

Even if you can put them facing the backyard, unless you have a flat rooftop, people can see them from the ground. While this is a small badge of honor for environmentalists, many homeowners are not interested in attaching big black rectangles to their roof.

New Rooftop Solar Tiles are the Future

Solar panels used to only come in big black rectangles, but there is a new option on the horizon. Tesla recently acquired SolarCity, a signal that it was going to get into the world of residential rooftop solar. Little did most people know, at the same time Tesla was testing new solar panels that look like shingles you have seen on homes for decades.

The new solar panels look just like traditional roofing but are made of glass and may ultimately become cheaper than current roofing. Tesla is launching with four designs. The “shingles” use glass made similarly to automotive glass, but are painted with special materials and contain the important photovoltaic material that converts the sun’s rays into electricity your home can use.

Will Rooftop Solar Impact Property Values?

While there will be little noticeable impact in the short-term in the overall market, single homes could see their values increase with the addition of solar. InĀ areas across the country, solar typically increases home values around $15,000. In sunny California, the increase is around $20,000. As this type of roofing goes mainstream, home buyers should expect the “solar premium” to be priced into homes around the country.

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