5 Reasons to Consider Downsizing Your Home

If you're thinking about downsizing your home, one of your first steps should be speaking with top real estate agents to discuss the benefits of downsizing.There is a common misconception that Realtors are only interested in making buyers spend more money as a way to increase their commission checks, but this is hardly the case. In this referral-driven business, the best real estate agents want to do whatever they can to make their clients happy. They are building relationships that result in referrals and future business, and this means ensuring satisfied clients.

If you’re thinking about downsizing your home, one of your first steps should be speaking with top real estate agents to discuss the benefits of downsizing, as well as what you can expect to find in your preferred area and your price range. Here are just a few reasons you might want to downsize. Continue reading

6 Tips for Pricing Your Home to Sell

A quick sale of your home requires a careful pricing strategy. AgentHarvest offers a few tips to help you price your home to sell.

Whether you’ve already got your eye on a new home, you’re planning a major move to a new city, or you simply want to unload your current property for some reason, a quick sale requires a careful pricing strategy.  Your Realtor should be able to help you figure out a price that delivers both a suitable return on investment and short timeline, but here are just a few tips to help you price your home to sell. Continue reading

How YOUR Behavior Could Lower Your Home’s Listing Price

Real Estate Agents Screw-up Short Sales
While it may seem like the responsibility of selling your home falls squarely on your Realtor, it’s actually a shared responsibility— and one that the seller must take seriously too. A number of factors that you control can actually be detrimental to getting your property sold. What it comes down to is not just knowing what those factors are, but understanding why they affect your home’s list price and ultimate sale. Continue reading

6 Ways to Save Thousands by Using the Right Realtor

So let’s say you’re ready to buy or sell a home. Great! But I bet you would love to save some money in the process too. Saving thousands of dollars when buying or selling a home is possible simply by using the right Realtor. The right Realtor will know the ins and outs of the market and can get you more bang for your buck. Need an example? Well, here are six of them! Continue reading

Why We Love Local Real Estate Agents

The economic downfall has killed the housing market in the present world and plenty of home sellers as well as buyers have become cautious when deciding on choosing a real estate agent to sell their property. I faced a similar situation few months back and I decided to go in search of a reliable real estate agent. I was extremely cautious when looking for a real estate agent because there has been a lot of controversies related to real estate agents on the news. However, I was able to get in touch with a reliable real estate agent through a recommendation of one of my neighbors. He offered an excellent service to me and I got the opportunity to receive a higher price for my home. It was greater than the amount I expected out of my home. My entire journey with the real estate agent was a fascinating one and I thought of sharing it with you. That is the reason, why I decided to write this experience sharing article about “Why I love” real estate agents. Continue reading

Why Homeowners Choose The Other Real Estate Agent

You know beyond a doubt that you are a successful real estate agent.  You have been asked by AgentHarvest to give a listing presentation to a homeowner in a neighborhood that you’ve sold lots of houses in.  You have done your homework, you know the neighborhood, and you have a great reputation in the real estate industry.  Basically this listing is in the bag.  However, you discover that you couldn’t be more wrong.  The homeowner chose another real estate agent.  Where did you go wrong?  Why did they choose the another agent? Continue reading

Never Hire The First Real Estate Agent You Meet

I’m amazed at how many people will hire the first real estate agent that they interview. I mean, you never buy the first car you test drive, order the first item you see on the menu, hire the first job seeker you interview, and women don’t sleep with the first person that tells them they’re pretty. However if I’m wrong about the latter, then may I be the first to tell my female readership how pretty you look reading this article. Continue reading

Want To Motivate Your Real Estate Agent? Fire Him!

A few days ago, I got a call from a potential client interested in firing his real estate agent and hiring a better agent.  This homeowner was very unhappy with his agent and thought he didn’t do enough to attract buyers to his house.  After having the house on the market for about 116 days, the homeowner saw little activity.  However, once the homeowner attempted to fire his real estate agent, the agent was able to produce a contract in less than three days.  While I don’t like losing potential clients, I am extremely happy that this homeowner was able to sell his house and if this contract doesn’t close, I look forward to helping this client find another agent.  But I have to wonder… what happened? Continue reading