Real Estate Agents Are No More … They Just Don’t Know It Yet

Real Estate Agents have lost their jobs, they just don’t know it yet. The real estate industry is on its last gasps.  The ramifications from the agreement made by NAR and the local MLS associations, making the choice to give listing information to Zillow, was the beginning of what will be a slow, painful, and inevitable death to the Real Estate Services industry. Continue reading

Drone Photo Use in Real Estate

Aerial photography could be a major boon when selling certain properties. Here are a few things realtors should know about drone photo use in real estate.There’s no shortage of uses for drone technology. The military has been using drones for unmanned missions for a while, surveying dangerous areas without putting men and women at risk. They can carry out all kinds of important tasks and save lives in the process. Continue reading

Hot Green Trends in Home Building

New construction continues to feature advanced green home building. Here are trends to ask your real estate agent about when you're ready to buy a new home.

Eco illustration

Despite the fact that federal incentives for eco-friendly home upgrades like solar panels are no longer available, plenty of home buyers are interested in finding properties that meet their sustainable ideals.  Not only do such homes help owners to reduce their impact on the environment, but in many cases the energy- and water-saving properties also reduce ongoing expenses, as savvy real estate agents can attest.

Because the demand for eco-friendly products remains high, new construction continues to feature advances in green home building.  Here are just a few trends you should ask your real estate agent about when you’re ready to buy a new home. Continue reading

5 Real Estate Apps to Buy Houses at a Discount

real estate apps
Just like other forms of investing, when investing in real estate, information is everything. Knowing nearby property values, market trends, and what’s available is now an instant need. If you want to buy property at the best rate, here are five mobile real estate apps to help you beat the competition. Continue reading

Do You Need a Real Estate Agent in 2014?

Welcome to 2014. We are in a new age of doing things ourselves that used to require paying expensive professional fees. Accountants are being replaced with online tax filing. Expensive lawyers are being replaced with online alternatives at a fraction of the price. But have real estate agents been replaced with online options too? Continue reading

AT&T UVerse for Business = Temporarily Out of Business

Please excuse the spotty network availability of our websites during the past two weeks.  On Tuesday, July 20, which will be forever known by my company as “Black Tuesday,” we upgraded our AT&T DSL internet services to the new AT&T Uverse for a faster Internet connection.  You might have experienced access problems during those weeks while we fixed problems and changed over to new IP addresses. Continue reading

Why Burglars Love Open Houses & Virtual Tours

Thinking about having an open house or creating a virtual tour to sell your home?  Be careful not to reveal to much about your house.  Not only do open houses, virtual tours, brochures, and MLS pictures  attract buyers, but if you reveal too many details, you could be advertising to thieves and burglars too.  Thieves love virtual tours and MLS pictures because they can be used to “case” your house from the comfort of the thief’s home.   Follow these tips to reduce your exposure and prevent your marketing activities from attracting the wrong type of shopper? Continue reading