Does the Realtor’s Code of Ethics Prevent Real Estate Agents From Serving Their Clients?

Does the Realtor’s Code of Ethics and the Texas Real Estate Commission’s Canons of Professional Ethics and Conduct Conflict with a Realtor’s Fiduciary Duties to their Buyer Clients?  This discussion focuses on an agent’s participation in a buyer client’s potentially discriminatory request, and how strictly observing the Code of Ethics and TREC Canons may conflict with an agent’s fiduciary duties to that buyer client.  None of this discussion pertains to the selling client, which I consider to be a different situation entirely. Continue reading

Information About Brokerage Services Form Explained In Detail

If you’ve been talking with Texas real estate agents, looking for someone to hire, every agent you interviewed should have given you a copy of the “Information of Brokerage Services” form and asked you to sign a copy for their records. By now, you’re probably thinking, “what is this form and why is every agent insistent on my signing it?” First of all, don’t worry, this form doesn’t obligate you to anything and, with the exception of open houses, every real estate agent licensed in Texas is required to present you with a copy of this form on your first meaningful contact with that agent. If an agent you’re interviewing doesn’t show you this form then don’t hire them. If they fail to follow this state mandated requirement, what other disclosures or representation agreements will they forget to show you? Continue reading