Buying A Brand New Home In A New Subdivision Is Risky

Homebuilders and decorators make it very alluring; there is no doubt about it.   But yes, buying a brand new home in a new subdivision is risky.  Some homeowners have certainly found themselves in an uphill battle when the time comes to sell.  Competing with homebuilders, still actively building in the subdivision, when the unexpected or a relocation arises, can be tough.   The uphill battle will last as long as new construction continues in the neighborhood.  Builders will usually start discounting in order to complete one subdivision as they start building in another location.

A pre-owned home will always be a safer choice if there is any possibility of moving in less than 5-7 years. Continue reading

Should I Buy a New or Used House?

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When you are getting ready to hunt for your next home, you will have a wide open market full of options to live in different neighborhoods, building types, and home styles. If you are looking to move into a single family house, you may have options to move into either a new construction property or an existing home. There are big advantages, and drawbacks, to either decision. Continue reading