5 Factors to Consider Before You Start House Flipping

House flipping is hard work. Before buying your first house to flip, you’ll need to understand the process fully as well as avoid these common mistakes.

Flipping houses is hard work. Sure it seems relatively easy to do—you buy the home at a lower price, fix it up, and sell it off for a profit. Short and sweet at the surface, but in reality, there is a veritable laundry list of factors to consider first. Continue reading

Best Shows on Netflix for a Fix and Flip Investor


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Netflix recently added a massive library of shows from HGTV and DIY Network, and they are filled with great fun and inspiration for a fix and flip real estate investor. If you are a fix and flip investor, here are some shows you may enjoy. Continue reading

Is Buying a Home the Best First Investment?

first time homeownersPeople look at real estate with many different ideas in mind. Some people look at a real estate purchase as simply a home. It is a place to live until you move on to the next one. Others look at it as an investment, either a place to make or grow your money. For many, real estate investing is a career or a great source of income. For first time home buyers, is it the best first investment? Continue reading