Selling a House in Winter Could Bring a Flurry of Offers!

Snowy open house

“Winter Landscape Lapland Sweden” by Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee – Courtesy of

In the spring and summer, home sales seemingly are at their highest. The clear weather and feel-good vibes that those seasons bring along make for a more pleasant, convenient process for home buyers. Conversely, for sellers, their homes are thought to show better and easier to maintain. Despite the onset of biting cold and muddy or snow-laced pathways, real estate markets like the Denver metro and Colorado Springs area are still running relatively hot. Home sales in the Denver metro area in particular remained strong in November 2014 even with inventory being a real constraint.  While there was a decline in listings from the month prior, Denver is still seeing green with overall home sales.  Selling a house in winter brings unique challenges but it also has rewards too. Continue reading

The Effects of Legalizing Marijuana on the Denver Real Estate Market

Denver Colorado
When marijuana became legalized in Colorado many feared the repercussions. While late night dining establishments and 24 hour snack food emporiums may find the new law appealing for its money-making potential, homeowners and buyers alike share a less enthusiastic attitude. That being said, is the legalization of marijuana all that destructive to the Denver market? Continue reading