‘Just Listed’ The Home Seller’s Best Window of Opportunity

The key to success in anything is being knowledgeable and well prepared. Those who are have a definite advantage. Yet, many times home sellers sabotage themselves by overpricing or under preparing their home to hit the market. Continue reading

5 Surprising Factors Affecting Your Home’s Value

Hidden factors that can hurt your home's value

It is common knowledge that factors such as location, neighborhood schools, and the age of the house itself will affect the overall value of your home. When it comes time to consider selling, it is important to keep these in mind as well as making the necessary appliance upgrades and infrastructure updates. What many don’t know, however, are the hidden factors that can oftentimes negatively impact your home’s value. Below are five such surprising kickers. Continue reading

5 Easy and Inexpensive Home Staging Ideas

Easy and inexpensive home staging tips

Getting your home ready for sale can involve major effort and expense. Before you even look into hiring real estate agents, you may have to contend with replacing roofing or fixing code violations.

When it comes to home staging, you might not have a ton of money at your disposal. Here are just a few easy and inexpensive ideas that can help you to stage your home for a speedy sale. Continue reading

How to Make Your Home the One That Buyers Want

How do you make your home the one buyers want? Once you've found a Realtor to help you out, there are a few details you should attend to.Once you’ve purchased a home you are pretty much stuck with the neighborhood, the schools, and the proximity to amenities like shopping, entertainment, and public transportation that are in your area. Hopefully you considered these elements with one of the best estate agents before buying.

When it comes time to sell your home, however, you’ll want to do all you can to ensure that your house is attractive to buyers. This includes not only the appearance of your property, but also what makes it better than comparable properties on the market. Continue reading

5 Steps to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Luxury Home

The first impression anyone ever has of your home is from the curb. Whether it is a visit from the in-laws or a prospective buyer, you want everyone looking up at your home from the street to see a well maintained, clean, and desirable property. Here are five fixes to improve your home’s curb appeal. Continue reading

Prepare For The Real Estate Selling Season By Enhancing Curb Appeal

Preparing to sell your home in the Dallas / Fort Worth area?  Spring is the start of the selling season for real estate so NOW is the time to start planning for it.  Before you talk to an agent, here are some things you should consider doing to your house’s exterior to improve your houses’ curb appeal. Continue reading

Don’t Be Too Cheap When Using A Flat-Fee Listing Agent

The flat-fee listing agency type of service has been around for a while.  A flat-fee listing gives you the opportunity to have your house listed on MLS for a flat fee plus the buyer’s commission.  Usually a flat-fee listing involves the agent adding your house to the local multiple listing service (MLS), giving you a sign for the yard, a lockbox for the door and registering you in the centralized showing system that agents use to setup appointments for showings, if your local real estate market uses a scheduling service.  There are other options available to you but for those are the basic service you should insist on.  From that point, you’re on your own.  You market your house, conduct showings and open house tours, etc.  You represent yourself and take care of all the little details.  I’m not going to argue the pros and cons of flat-fee -vs- full-service listing services, because I believe both have their own merits.  However, I do want to ask flat-fee clients, are you too cheap for your own good? Continue reading

The Risks Of Selling A Rental Property With A Tenant

selling a rental propertyAs landlords and property managers, we all love rent-paying, non-destructive tenants.  We hate the rest, but that’s another story.  No matter how much tenant love you may have, if you want to sell your house with a tenant for the highest and best price, even the best tenant can be a detriment.  Why?  It takes a lot of work and devotion to get the house show-ready and keep it that way during the entire listing period.  Most homeowners lack the motivation to keep their own house show-ready, and they have the motivation of monetary gains (hopefully) to entice them.  Continue reading