Has Silicon Valley Real Estate Hit Its Peak?

Photo From Creative Common

Photo From Creative Common

Silicon Valley has long been a major hub for technology companies, and is the breeding ground for brands like Facebook, Google, Oracle, LinkedIn, and many more.

As the hottest technology hub in the world continues to see great success, it attracts competitive talent from the far reaches of the country. To bring in top workers, Silicon Valley salaries have skyrocketed. With those high salaries and stock options, Silicon Valley has created lots of millionaires. In fact, Silicon Valley has the second highest concentration of millionaires in the country.

And those millionaires want to own homes. Big, fancy ones. However, as the rules of supply and demand dictate, there are limited homes for all of this money, and prices have skyrocketed from San Francisco to San Jose and in surrounding cities.

Silicon Valley real estate has been climbing higher and higher for years, but it looks like that growth may be slowing down. Continue reading

How the Tech Boom is Making the San Francisco Bay Area Too Hot to Buy

Fire your real estate agent
The San Francisco Bay Area is hot—and no, it’s not because of climate change. While the mild summers of the “city by the bay” haven’t changed much in recent years, the real estate market sure has. While a good portion of the U.S is still recuperating from the ravages of the housing bubble bust, San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area has seen fast—and arguably furious—recovery. Continue reading