Beware of Real Estate Agents That Inflate List Prices To Get Listings

Real estate agents that inflate the listing price to get the listing
A real estate agent that inflates a list price beyond reality just to get the listing is deceptive and may be harmful to the sale of your house.  The deceptive practice of inflating the list price is effective because the client wants to hear that their house is worth a high price.  Bad agents are more than eager to feed into this delusion.  Good agents base their suggested list prices on real conditions so they will be lower than an inflated price.  If you want to get the most for your house, and everybody does, you’d naturally pick the real estate agent with the inflated price.  Now you’re falling victim to the Inflatable Agent’s trap. I see this sort of thing happening all the time.  If all of the real estate agents were honest with their recommended pricing, the list prices should be very similar.  Never use price as a factor for choosing an agent.  Here’s why it will work against you. Continue reading

Part-Time Real Estate Agents… A Career Or Just A Hobby?

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A career in real estate can be as flexible or as demanding as you wish. You can also do it in your spare time if you’re looking for a flexible second job. While that may work well for the agent, it doesn’t bode well for the unfortunate homeowner that is paying full price for a part-time service. Part-time agents don’t perform as well as agents that devote their entire careers towards real estate. They simply don’t have the time to devote to selling your house like a full-time agent would. So, when you interview your next real estate agent, make sure that this agent does real estate full-time. If you don’t, your house may sit on the market for a long time. Continue reading