Is it the Right Time to Become a Real Estate Agent?

Joining the ranks of America’s real estate agents can be a rewarding career. But becoming a top agent takes a lot of work, and can be a big risk if you have to leave another career to jump into real estate. If you are thinking of taking steps to become a real estate agent, is now the right time?

Personal Timing

If you want to become a real estate agent, the first thing you have to think about is yourself. Is this the right time for you to make a major investment in yourself and change your direction. The steps to become a real estate agent are not easy, and you have to be committed to succeed.

Earning a license or accreditation varies in difficulty by state, but plan on spending at least a month or two if you take a classroom course, and several months if you use an online study course. Once you finish, you will have to pass the state real estate license exam.

If you are making any major life changes, such as moving to a new state, welcoming new children to a growing family, or have major time constraints or commitments in your schedule, you may consider waiting until you have the time (and money) to invest in a real estate license and business.

Career Timing

If you are fed up with your nine to five job and want to become a bit more autonomous with your work, real estate can be a great career choice. However, don’t expect to work ten hours a week and get a big raise over what you currently make.

Do not be mistaken, real estate is hard work. While you are building your business, expect long hours and low pay. It takes time to build up a business that will pay as much as typical full-time employment.

Additionally, consider your current career. It may not give you the freedoms you want to create your own schedule, but it probably pays the bills or you would have already moved on. Are you ready to give up that security, and maybe even a possible future promotion? If the answer is an enthusiastic yes, it may be time to look into real estate license classes (something you can do while you keep your full-time job). If you have any hesitation, you should seriously consider sticking with the career path you have.

Marketing Timing

If you want to become a real estate agent, you have to understand the real estate markets. Just a few years ago, housing prices were falling, mortgage issuers were going broke, and real estate agents had a hard time navigating the market chaos.

However, people are always buying and selling homes. People move for jobs, family, adventure, and countless other reasons. Do not base your career on market timing. Become a real estate agent only if it is something you are passionate about.

Should You Become a Real Estate Agent?

If you want to become a real estate agent, the decision should be based on your own unique circumstances. Everyone has different financial and career goals, and a jump into real estate might fit into your plans.

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