How to Properly Vet a Real Estate Agent

Choosing a real estate agent is as important as selecting a financial adviser or lawyer. Let us help you find them with our tips to vet a real estate agent.

Choosing a real estate agent is just as important as selecting a financial adviser or a lawyer. The decision shouldn’t be made lightly because this individual could mean the difference of thousands of dollars taken out of your pocket. I’m not just talking about their fee, either. Continue reading

8 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Realtor

how do you find that needle in a haystack? Ask the right questions and you'll find out everything you need to know about a potential candidate.

Finding the right real estate agent can be a real challenge. There are plenty to choose from as it seems everyone is a real estate agent these days, but getting the one who will work hard and get you the best deal possible isn’t always so obvious. Realtors are your teammate in this game we call the housing market and you’re hiring an individual to provide you with their expertise, advice, and unquenchable zeal to find an amazing deal that keeps more money in your pocket on a sale or purchase. Continue reading

How to Find the Perfect Family Friendly Neighborhood

Property valueMoving to a new city is a big change for a family. Changing jobs, schools, and locations can be hard to cope with, so finding the right neighborhood is an important step in making sure the transition is as smooth as possible. Whether you are moving across town or across the country, follow these tips to make sure you land in the right location for your family’s needs. Continue reading

Six Questions You Must Ask a Real Estate Agent

When preparing to buy or sell a property, you will want to find the best possible real estate agent for your needs. There are many agents in the business today, and you will have to sort through the various choices to settle on someone that has the necessary experience and knowledge to successfully complete a deal for you. Real estate is a highly competitive business, so you will likely have many agents ready to fight for the chance to work with you.

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Understanding Realtor Reviews

Don’t Be Fooled By Realtor Reviews

The internet is a wealth of information, some pieces more valuable than others. One area of the web that has exploded in recent years is the area of consumer reviews. There are sites dedicated to the reviewing of anything and everything in the marketplace. Restaurants, hotels, contractors, doctors, lawyers, health clubs, and more are all subject to the comments of current and past patrons. Continue reading

Finding the Best Real Estate Agents

When preparing to buy or sell a piece of real estate, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is which real estate agent you wish to work with to complete the purchase or sale. A good real estate agent will have extensive knowledge of the local market and many years of experience successfully closing deals. Your agent can make all of the difference between a stress-free process and one that pushes you to your wits end. Fortunately there are many excellent real estate agents to be found in every city in the country – you just need a good plan for finding the best one for you.

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How to Pick the Perfect Neighborhood for Your Family

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When buying a home, it is important to look at a lot more than just the house itself. The neighborhood and local amenities are almost as important as the home itself, and can be just as important in determining the value today and in the future. Look out for these signals that you are picking the perfect neighborhood. Continue reading