Real Estate Investment Advisor (REIA)

Most people get their first taste of real estate buying their first home, but some people get bit by the property bug and have a desire and drive to invest in properties for additional income, or a career. Whether you are looking to buy your first investment property or are a seasoned investor, working with a qualified agent will serve you well.

The Real Estate Investment Advisor (REIA) designation is reserved for agents who are dedicated to helping property investors find the best investments and buy in at the best possible rates. REIA designated agents are well suited to handle both sides of a transaction, and are a great option for liquidating investments for maximum returns.

How Does an Agent Become a Real Estate Investment Advisor?

To become a Real Estate Investment Advisor, an agent must complete the REIA required coursework. Classes include topics such as residential real estate investing, commercial real estate investing, and using retirement accounts such as an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or a 401(k) to make a real estate investment purchase.

Upon completion of required courses, an agent will earn the Real Estate Investment Advisor designation as long as they maintain membership in the National Association of Real Estate Investment Advisors.

What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Investment Advisor?

Making money with real estate is serious business and not a simple matter. Anyone who has bought or sold a home in the past knows how complex a real estate transaction can be, and any time you are involved in a six-figure transaction, or more, you want the best team possible.

A Real Estate Investment Advisor is an agent who took the extra time to learn the ins and outs of real estate investments, and they are ready to help you succeed with your investment portfolio. Whether you want to buy a single family home, a duplex, or an apartment complex, making money from real estate is a business where you can succeed, if you buy the right property for the right price.

Finding an investment property is easy, but finding one that will perform well takes time and effort, something not all investors have to spare. That is where your Real Estate Investment Advisor agent comes in.

A Real Estate Investment Advisor helps you identify potential properties, understand the cash flow potential, and can even advise you on whether or not this property is an ideal investment. Once you’ve picked your property, the agent is there to help you make your purchase as smooth as possible.

How Can I Find a Real Estate Investment Advisor?

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