Quick Fixes to Increase a Home’s Appeal

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Curb appeal is important, but the insides of a home matter even more. Drab and dated interiors and kitchens can cost you offers and big money. Before listing your home on the market, here are some quick fixes and relatively inexpensive updates you can make that may pay big dividends when it’s time to sell.

Quick Fixes: Paint

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a dark, dingy room. Modern buyers typically prefer light, neutral colors like tan and beige. If you can theme the home around a certain color, you can be a little more creative.

Paint costs about $30 per gallon for good quality paint, and a gallon is typically enough for about 350 square feet of wall space. You can do the painting yourself to save money, or hire it out to a professional.

Quick Fixes: Flooring

Ratty carpet and nasty linoleum can kill the appeal of a room, and can be solved with some quick fixes. New carpet starts at $2 per square foot. As you are not going to be living in the house much longer, going for lower end carpet will give you more visual appeal without busting the budget.

If you own a higher end home, hardwood floors may be a worthwhile investment. Buyers typically prefer hardwood floors over carpeting and linoleum. To save money over traditional hardwood, consider laminate hardwood flooring, which uses real wood and a printed pattern that gives the same visual effect of traditional hardwood flooring.

Quick Fixes: Counters

Spending a few minutes watching any fix and flip show will quickly demonstrate how new counters can increase the value of a home. Buyers want granite or similar countertops in both the kitchen and the bathroom.

This is an expensive upgrade, but one that will pay for itself in the sale price. As an added touch, you can also paint cupboards when upgrading the counter tops to give your kitchen and bathroom a totally new life.

Quick Fixes: Lighting

Dark is out. Bright is in. New light fixtures can give your home flair and fun. These quick fixes really make the property pop! Installing light fixtures requires a little bit of electrical knowledge, so you may want to hire an electrician to make sure it is done correctly.

You can get light fixtures from Amazon or any local hardware store or chain. Light fixtures cost a lot less than many people realize, and can make a big difference for a room.

If you don’t have a lot of options to replace light fixtures, you can also add recessed lighting in large, open areas like a living room or kitchen. If you want extra pizzaz, consider some outdoor lighting to show off your home’s best outdoor features.

Get Ideas from an Agent

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