How to Pick the Perfect Neighborhood for Your Family

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When buying a home, it is important to look at a lot more than just the house itself. The neighborhood and local amenities are almost as important as the home itself, and can be just as important in determining the value today and in the future. Look out for these signals that you are picking the perfect neighborhood.

Perfect Neighborhood: Community Amenities

One of the first things to look at are the amenities near a home that make it a nice place to live. Local parks, bike paths, waterfronts, and open spaces can all add value to a home and quality to a lifestyle. Of course, not everyone wants the same things near home, so make a list of what is important to you before you start your home search.

Also look out for local businesses you want to have near home. A close grocery store, hardware store, and gym are important to many families. We’ll get to walkability in a moment, but when you start looking, consider both walking time and driving time to nearby necessities like a supermarket.

Perfect Neighborhood: Local Schools

Whether or not you plan to take advantage of them, local public schools are a major indicator of the nearby area and can influence home prices. A high quality neighborhood school indicates a neighborhood of caring individuals who want to take pride in the area and their children’s education. Of course, there can be some leeway on this if your children are grown or you don’t plan on having any kids. However, a high quality school can be an indicator of a perfect neighborhood.

Perfect Neighborhood: Walkability vs. Space

Young people today have a preference for walkability over large, suburban homes that Baby Boomers preferred. There is no right or wrong answer here, but picking the perfect neighborhood for you might mean a large home with privacy, or it could mean a condo with dozens of restaurants and bars nearby.

If you want to look at walkability through a more objective measure, look at the local walk score and public transportation options as well.

Perfect Neighborhood: Good Neighbors

What’s a neighborhood without neighbors? I have lived in a home where I knew nearly every person within a block of my home, and I’ve lived in a home where I waive at neighbors in passing.

It is hard to get the vibe for a neighborhood before moving in, but you can spend a little time in the area before rushing to make an offer. Try out nearby restaurants, drive around the block, and say hello to anyone you might run into on the street. They might be able to tell you more about the area than anyone else. They live there!

Perfect Neighborhood: The Right House

Of course, the right neighborhood is not complete without the right house. When you are ready to make your next home purchase, start by talking with a qualified real estate agent who can help you find the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood.

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