New Tenant Lands at $3 Billion Legacy West Development in Texas

Legacy West in Plano, Texas

Legacy West is a massive development in Plano, Texas. Image via

In Dallas suburb Plano, a big development is underway, and a new tenant is coming in for a landing. The $3 billion Legacy West project is a mixed use development that will include homes, offices, retail, and restaurants. This Texas sized development should have agents excited about the latest trends and preferences in work and life.

What is Legacy West

Legacy West is a massive $3 billion project in Plano, Texas. The modern development is capitalizing on trends across the country for mixed use spaces with indoor and outdoor spaces, and convenient access to work, live, and eat within one walkable area.

The development even includes hotels, so workers visiting local offices have a convenient place to stay and weekenders looking for a mini vacation can enjoy a night or two away from home with plenty of entertainment and luxury just a short walk from the hotel.

Boeing at Legacy West

Dallas News reports that Boeing has committed to join the project with a new office. The newly formed Global Services division will call Legacy West home, attracting high quality, educated workers to the area.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Boeing joins Toyota, JPMorgan Chase, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and FedEx, who have all committed to opening offices at the development. The Global Services unit at Boeing has 20,000 employees, so this new division headquarters has the potential to draw many workers to Plano.

The new JPMorgan Chase offices were just topped out, a construction term for constructing the roof, signaling a major step in the $300 million office project, but still just 10% of the funds invested into Legacy West.

Opportunities for agents

As with any new development, Legacy West is a great opportunity for agents in the Dallas area. Legacy West will house 16,000 new jobs. Many of the workers will be Dallas locals willing to commute, but many will look to move to the area from across town or out of town if they are moving for a job.

Legacy West has over 1,200 housing units, including condos and apartments. Dallas agents can be on the lookout for new employees moving to Legacy West as potential clients and those condos, and homes in the surrounding neighborhoods, as potential targets. Thousands of people will be looking for a new home in the North Dallas suburbs. It’s time for the agents to get ready!

New trends in real estate

Legacy West is an example of a new trend in work/live real estate developments. As Baby Boomers age and sell their suburban, two story homes for smaller houses and condos, Millennials search for home with walkability, and Generation Z starts looking to buy, developments like this are a perfect solution.

Anyone who can live and work in the same development can skip out on lengthy commutes and frustrating traffic jams. Baby Boomers might be more inclined to ride down the elevator and walk a couple of blocks for dinner rather than hop in the car. And businesses can set up shop right where their target customers work and live. It is a win for everyone!

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