How Should a New Real Estate Agent Get Started?

Real estate agent talking on mobile phoneStarting a new career is an exciting time, but starting as a new real estate agent offers plenty of challenges to overcome. A new real estate agent must establish a sustainable business built on a steady flow of new clients and referrals. Here are steps to take to get started.

A New Real Estate Agent Should Put Your Best Foot Forward

The first steps you should take, before you look for your first client, are to build up a professional business presence. Whether you are working out of an office space or a home office, decide if it is a place you will accept visitors. If you will have clients visit your office, decorate it to give a comfortable and professional ambiance.

Most agents do not have clients to their office, so building a professional online presence is possibly more important than an office, particularly for a new real estate agent.

When building your online presence, make your website easy to use and navigate, incorporate active listings with high quality images, and consider a Hollywood style trailer introducing prospective clients. With an increased demand for video online, you can easily build trust and rapport with new online visitors before meeting in person.

A New Real Estate Agent Should Be Everywhere

Think about where you have met real estate agents in the past, and where you meet new people in general. Go to all of them and do not be bashful sharing your profession. You will not get new clients unless you ask.

Networking is one of the biggest jobs of a new real estate agent. Go to Chamber of Commerce events, join local networking and professional groups, attend young professional happy hours (if you qualify as a young professional), and look at communities you are already actively involved with as sources for clients.

A place for great success is your church or synagogue. People like working with service providers with a similar background and beliefs, and that is easy to find at your preferred religious organization. If you live in a part of the country where religion is particularly important, such as the Bible Belt, this can be a gold mine!

A New Real Estate Agent Should Work for Friends

Freelancers often do work for friends for free, or at a discount, to build up a portfolio and experience. If you are brand new to real estate, getting a little extra experience under your belt will help you sell your services later on.

A place to get started is with your own friends, who might be a little more patient with new real estate agent mistakes than a paying client. However, do treat the friends professionally and give a 100% effort. Look to form good habits and always be responsive, helpful, and do your research to bring your friends the best experience possible.

Giving your friends and acquaintances a quality experience will make them more excited about referring their friends, family, and colleagues your way when they hear about someone looking to buy or sell a home.

A New Real Estate Agent Should Seek Referrals

The worst thing that will happen when you ask for a referral is someone will say no. Do not be shy, as this industry is full of extrovert agents happy to chat people up and ask if they know anyone looking for a real estate agent.

Of course, you want to be respectful and tactful, but referrals are the lifeblood of a real estate career. Do not overlook this important avenue for finding new clients when starting out as a new real estate agent.

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