Motivating Agents To Sell New-Construction Properties Faster

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In today’s new construction residential real estate market, just hiring the same Realtor you’ve always used to sell an entire subdivision of new construction properties is no longer an effective way to sell your speculative properties.  To sell new-construction properties in this market you have to do three things, hire real estate agents that are currently selling new-construction properties, use more than one agent, and make your agents compete for additional listings.

Picking the Right Real Estate Agent

Don’t just find a real estate agent that promotes their experience selling new-construction properties, but find a real estate agent that can prove it too.  Look for real estate agents that recently sold new-construction properties near yours.  If you need help finding top producing new-construction agents that actually sell houses, AgentHarvest’s free services can connect you with these highly-successful Realtors experienced in several types of new construction properties.

Use Multiple Real Estate Agents

Why hire one agent or agency to list all 30-lots of a subdivision when you could easily offer it to two or three agents from different agencies. Instead of having one agent selling your subdivision, you now have multiple agents bringing in buyers, promoting your properties, and best of all, you create competition among those agents.

Make Your Real Estate Agents Compete

Don’t assign all of your listings at once, hold a majority back as an incentive.  When an agent sells one of your houses, give that agent a few more.  By rewarding a sale with more listings, you not only motivate the agent to do more than just put your properties on MLS and wait.  Competing agents know if they don’t get those listings, the agent they’re competing with might.  AgentHarvest’s Builder Services Program will help you arrange your properties into motivational groupings that not only rewards performance but encourages it too.

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  1. In choosing agents you need to see its sales history to and the most honest agent. You also need to consider past customers feedback through this you will know how agents are honest.

    • Allexa:
      That’s so true but make sure you get their references from recent houses sold, preferably near you. Don’t expect the agent to give you anything but stellar references if you ask for them. Instead, ask for their past 10 or 15 sales and their contact info. Better odds of finding the truth.

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