12 Most Demanded Services Agents Should Provide

Also known as the “Client’s Bill of Rights”

Homeowners should demand a minimum level of service from their agent before they’re hired. Here are some of the most effective services that clients should require their agents to provide. Most homeowners are not aware of what duties a real estate agent performs so it’s really easy for lazy real estate agents to get away with sub-standard performance. That’s why it’s important to let the agent know what you expect before you hire them and let them know that you will terminate the contract if the agent doesn’t provide these service standards. Here are a few of the services you should demand from your agent.

12 Most Demanded Services Agents Should Provide Their Clients

An agent should provide their clients with these services:

1.  If an agent works with a real estate team, they should introduce the team members the client will be working with and provide those member’s contact info (phone numbers, cell phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) along with a brief description of the functions they will be handling for the client.

2.  Periodic reports showing sales activity and price changes in their neighborhood.  Automated MLS Emails are acceptable.

3.  Buyer interest reports showing client interest in the home including a count of  inquiries and showings, including feedback .

4.  Contact all agents that showed the home to their clients to encourage a sale.

5. Listing Marketing Plan that lists of all media exposure where their home is featured in print, on the Internet and any other media outlet.

6.  Take professional photographs of the house, submit the maximum amount of pictures to MLS, and create compelling listing descriptions that showcase the home’s most prominent features.

7.  Continuously monitor the listing’s price competitiveness and suggest timely adjustments when necessary.

8.  OPTIONAL:  Use fliers, and ensure that the info box remains stocked, also place flyers on a table inside the house.  Leave extra flyers at the property to let the homeowner resupply as needed.

9.  Use a Centralized Showing Service (CSS) to receive automated showing reports (if CSS or a suitable alternative if available in your area).

10.  Only use a secure real estate lockbox that limits access to only agents and appraisers, such as a SUPRA iBox that requires a SUPRA key to open.

11.  Have a plan of action for showing appointments scheduled at the last minute.

12.  Weekly meetings with the client to discuss what’s working and what’s not, and any changes of strategy that may be needed.

Enforcing Performance Levels

The minute your agent strays off course, make them aware of your disappointment.  If it keeps happening, don’t hesitate to terminate their listing agreement. If your agent isn’t performing to your standards, our free service will help you find an agent that serves your needs.

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8 thoughts on “12 Most Demanded Services Agents Should Provide

  1. Bill, I just have to say that I wish all realtors were like you. I’m an investor so have bought and sold with many agents and none have had half the integrity you do. Every homeowner should have a copy of this bill of rights.

    • Ramiro:
      Thanks for all the great compliments. I’m glad I can be of service. If we can’t change the industry, we can at least better inform the public on how to avoid the bad parts and take advantage of the good parts.

      In my experience, I’ve found that people are easily intimidated by pushy agents, or agents who are egotistical enough to believe that having their name on the sign sells the house. People have to realize that THEY are the boss and the agent is just an employee. Manage them like you would any employee. Praise them when they do well, but correct them when they come up short.

      There’s a reason why the real estate industry is hated, it’s because most agents deserve it. Unfortunately, it’s an industry that’s too easy to enter and hard to weed out.

      Thanks again for the compliments and any suggestions or additions would be greatly appreciated. While you’re at it, take a look at the articles on interviewing too.

  2. Thank you so much for your EXCELLENT site – very informative, well designed and extremely helpful!

    We’re considering relocating to Austin. You can be sure that if we make that choice, you will be the very first person we call!! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for this post. Real Estate agents have to wear SO many hats that I, personally, find succint lists such as this one to be excellent reminders of the most important role and responsibilities we have: to represent and serve our clients’ needs from get-to-go.

  4. Bill I enjoy you blog. I found the ” Clients Bill of Rights ” excellent. thank you for posting. I’m posting this in my
    office so my agents can view daily Thank you for the post

  5. This blog is great! So informative yet easy to understand. The whole site is amazing, thank you for all your help!

  6. Thank you for this Blog, I find this an excellent plum line for guidance for all agents, I am using to pass on to my mentee’s

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