What Millennial Homebuyers Want

A good real estate agent must learn how to evolve to meet the unique demands of millennial homebuyers. Here are a few items they really want from homes.

A couple or individual is in the market to purchase their first home and has a long list of must-haves with an unrealistic budget. Sounds like any other homebuyer, right?

Millennials, young adults in their twenties and early thirties, are unlike any client Realtors have encountered before. Even top real estate agents can find themselves flummoxed as to the most effective methods for providing the best service to millennial homebuyers.

With this new demographic making up a greater share of property buyers and investors, any good real estate agent must learn how to evolve to meet the unique demands of a new demographic. This is especially true since millennial homebuyers have very specific requirements and desires when purchasing a home.

Perhaps you’re a part of the millennial generation yourself and you’re doing some research into buying a home. You want to see what people just like you are looking for to better educate yourself when it’s time to contact a Realtor in your area. Here are a few items millennial homebuyers really want.

New Fixtures

Millennials have yet to reach their prime earning years and are therefore often working on a fixed budget when it comes to buying a house. This means they are typically looking for homes that don’t need much in the way of expensive renovations. Bathrooms and kitchens are often the priciest rooms for home improvement, and also the areas that millennials – and any other individual or family – will use most frequently.

To save money they’re looking for brand new fixtures already installed throughout the house. A real estate broker can tailor his or her properties to millennial homebuyers by advertising these elements prominently in their listings.

Ability to Work from Home

Buying a house with space for a home office is often a critical component in the decision-making process for young homebuyers. More millennials are working from home either part or full time these days and they want a suitable space with plenty of room to be productive. The good news is they sometimes get creative, turning a spare bedroom or den area into a home office. If there’s an outdoor deck, shed or patio, this can also factor in as a suitable place to work.


Millennials have a litany of mobile devices and they want to be able to use them when looking for a home. They’re more likely to seek out home listings and Realtors through online resources like social media platforms and websites. Top real estate agents need a strong social media presence and a user friendly web page to attract more millennials who are in the market for a new home.

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