International Real Estate Specialist (IRES)

The United States is the 3rd largest country in the world, and there is no shortage of real estate opportunities to invest, buy, and sell real estate domestically. However, it is a big world, and opening up your real estate to include other countries offers a near limitless opportunity. Agents with the International Real Estate Specialist (IRES) designation have taken steps to help you buy or sell a property no matter where you in the world you want to go.

How Agents Become an International Real Estate Specialist

To become an International Real Estate Specialist, an agent must complete an online course consisting of six modules. At the end of each module, the agent must pass a test with a 75% correct score to pass.

The modules include topics on promoting real estate listings globally, working with partner agents to expand listings to a wider audience through “leverage listings,” working with luxury properties, and working with the IRES referral system to gain maximum exposure for global property listings.

Finishing the IRES certification allows admission into the International Real Estate Society, a members only organization for international real estate developers and agents.

The Benefits of Working with an International Real Estate Specialist

When you are involved in a high value transaction of any type, it is important to work with an expert who can confidently guide you through the process. With domestic real estate transactions, the legal and financial implications of any transaction are very complicated. When you cross international borders, your transaction can become exponentially more complex.

Rather than risk your money and waste your time with an inexperienced agent, you are better suited working with an agent who has both experience dealing with international listings and is well educated in global property transactions.

When selling a property through an IRES, you know that your listing will get the maximum reach possible, and has been marketed to both domestic and foreign buyers. When buying an international property, an IRES can help you understand the legal implications of buying abroad while helping you get the best price possible.

Some additional benefits of working with an International Real Estate Specialist include:

  • A working knowledge of foreign property law
  • Experience dealing with international payments and financing
  • A wide network of agents with shared listings for maximum exposure
  • An agent who has education and expertise in international transactions

If those are skills you are looking for, an IRES designated real estate agent may be perfect for your next property transaction.

How to Find an International Real Estate Specialist

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