How Being An Impressive Agent Can Turn Off Potential Clients

You’re a successful real estate agent with a stellar reputation, and a highly revered name.  You’re on a well-respected team and work for one of the largest real estate offices in your city.  You’ve also won several awards proving your greatness.  You have all the popular accreditations, enough acronyms to fill a whole line of text on your business card.  When you walk the halls of your real estate agency, all of the agents stop what they’re doing to take notice of your entrance.  While your credentials seem undeniably impressive, they may only serve to impress you and your colleagues.  But that’s hardly the point of having them is it?

I’ve heard comments from homeowners after interviewing agents such as, “She told me about some award she won and just paused, waiting for my response.  Was I supposed to be impressed?” Not every homeowner you try to win as a client knows all the impressive things you’ve done.  I bet few actually do.  Sure you’ve put in a lot of marketing and name building dollars to try to brand yourself, your team and your agency, but don’t expect that message to be absorbed by everyone.  Not every opportunity you receive is earned by your reputation, sometimes it’s based off the recommendation of others, or just random luck.  As a successful real estate agent, if you assume that every homeowner who contacts you about selling their house knows about your reputation or achievements then you’re in for a shocking surprise, and a lost opportunity.  Plus, you may be the subject of laughter during their next agent interview.

You should go into every listing appointment assuming homeowners know nothing about your reputation or past successes.  Impress them with your track record, your team’s track record, and mention all the awards you’ve won with your team, but be sure to take the time to explain what those awards are, how they were won, and why winning those awards makes you a better agent.

Ever run into an agent like this?  Tell me about it.

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2 thoughts on “How Being An Impressive Agent Can Turn Off Potential Clients

  1. Clients these days don’t care about your awards, they look at your personality to see how well you (the agent) will work with them. Don’t be surprised if they check out your Facebook page or ask you about how you will market their listing with social media.

  2. Fred, I definitely agree with you. If you have won awards and accolades for your work as a Realtor, that’s great. However, the value and service you provide them is all that matters. Make your clients your priority and don’t treat them like another number.

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