Get off the Water Grid with SunToWater

Pull drinking water out of the air

Water bills can be very expensive, particularly in places like drought stricken California. In California, the average water bill is around $40-$70 per month. In places like Portland, Oregon, the average water/sewer bill is about $100. If you want to save the environment and a few bucks on that water bill, you can now draw moisture from the air for your home with SunToWater.

What is SunToWater?

SunToWater’s water generator is a system designed to draw moisture from the air to be used for regular household, industrial, or medical needs. It can be hooked up to your water system similarly to a water softening system, but instead of softening hard water, it pumps in fresh water it drew from the air.

The systems run about $9,000 (currently $8,499 with a special offer), but they produce 40-100 gallons per day of fresh water each. Homes can buy as many units as they need to supplement their water from the grid, or go off-grid completely with a connected storage system.

If you live in Portland and have a water bill of $100 per month, you will break even on your unit after about 7-8 years, not including power costs, which are probably about same as powering your computer. However, if you have solar power for your home, you can go almost completely off the grid with your own power and water source for your home!

How Does SunToWater Work in My Home (or Business)?

The SunToWater unit absorbs water from the air, and uses salt filters to collect only H2O while allowing pollution and other air particles to pass through. The water, now in steam form, collects in a cooling chamber where it is pooled and stored for use in your home. The result is completely pure water for drinking, lawn watering, gardening, and even filling a swimming pool!

The system works in a variety of climates, including dry, arid deserts where fresh water is hard to come by. In most climates, the unit produces 1.91 gallons per kilowatt hour of power consumed.

SunToWater Possibilities are Huge

SunToWater Facts

Beyond our own homes and offices, the potential of SunToWater to change the world is huge. With increasingly harsh global climates, many areas are seeing more frequent and severe droughts than ever before. And, with increasing urbanization, water sources are drying up and falling short.

SunToWater has the opportunity to bring clean water to both sprawling cities and remote regions, including dry areas of sub-Saharan Africa and India where clean water can cause illness and death.

Roughly 2.5 billion people, more than a third of the world population, do not have access to sanitary water systems. Coupled with solar power, this invention can completely revolutionize the world and save countless lives.

If you are interested in connecting SunToWater at your home, learn more and order at the SunToWater website.

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