Finding Real Estate Agents

Finding real estate agents is easy. A quick online search gives results for thousands of options. But if you want a good agent you can trust, finding real estate agents can be harder and takes a bit more work. Here are some key skills top real estate agents have, and how you can find one for your next real estate purchase or sale.

Purchase Process Expertise

Top real estate agents know the purchase process better than anyone else. While real estate apps can help you find potential houses, actually buying or selling is a very complicated process with serious financial and legal ramifications.

To ensure you don’t make any critical mistakes, finding real estate agents with good experience working with people like you can help you land the right deal for your needs.

Local Market Expertise

You might have lived in your hometown for six months or six decades, but housing prices are constantly fluctuating with the economy, demographics, and which areas are trendy. A quality real estate agent knows what prices are doing in the local market, and in each neighborhood around the city.

Finding real estate agents who know the local market can help you understand the true value of a home you want to buy or sell, and can help detach the biases we get as homeowners.

Marketing and Sales Expertise

When I see a “for sale by owner sign,” I wonder what the heck that owner is thinking. Unless the owner is a licensed and experienced agent with access to MLS, they could be missing out on thousands of potential buyers.

Properly pricing and marketing a home takes practice, so finding real estate agents with both local knowledge and extensive property marketing experience can make you tens of thousands of dollars on your sale that you might have missed out on otherwise.

Negotiation Expertise

While prices are fixed when you walk into most stores in America, housing prices are not. Home values can change daily, and every sale has two parties: the buyer and the seller.

Many people get nervous in negotiations, particularly when so many thousands of dollars are on the line. Rather than risk your hard earned money following your gut, follow the experience of a trusted agent.

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