How to Find the Perfect Family Friendly Neighborhood

Property valueMoving to a new city is a big change for a family. Changing jobs, schools, and locations can be hard to cope with, so finding the right neighborhood is an important step in making sure the transition is as smooth as possible. Whether you are moving across town or across the country, follow these tips to make sure you land in the right location for your family’s needs.

Focus on Schools

If you move your family to a place where your kids are going to be unhappy or unsuccessful at school, you are going to find yourself in an uphill battle to be happy in your new home.

Before you start your home search, look at which schools are the best and highest rated in the area. Eliminate any neighborhoods with underperforming schools, and focus your search on areas where the schools look like a great fit for your kids.

Focus on Community

Where are your closest friends from? Are they from your church or synagogue? From the gym? Play groups? People who share a passion for a shared hobby or interest?

If you land in an area where you struggle to find common connections or friendships in your community, you will be unhappy.

Take a look at Meetup or another social networking site for ideas on what is going on around town, and the neighborhoods that are still in the running after looking at schools.

Focus on Amenities

No neighborhood is fun if you are stuck at home with nothing to do. Look around the area to find the best amenities to match your lifestyle.

Whether you want a large park, lots of restaurants, or prefer a bustling downtown, don’t settle for somewhere you will not be happy. The local culture and amenities turn a town into a place you call home.

A Great Agent Can Help

Whether you are moving to a familiar city or are on an adventure to somewhere totally new, don’t leave your family’s happiness to chance. A trusted real estate agent can help you find the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood.

Before you start the search for your new home, search for the best Realtor for your family’s needs. A Realtor is a trusted resource, confidant, and local expert who can help you avoid the bad and hone in on the good.

The neighborhood and property you call home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and leaving that decision up to chance is too big of a risk. For a successful move, you need the best home. For the best home, you need the best agent. For the best agent, start your search at AgentHarvest.

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