Don’t Use The Realtor That Sold Your Last House To Sell Your Current House

Rarely is it a good idea to use the same agent that sold your last house to sell your current house.  You should focus on finding an agent that is successful in your new neighborhood instead of using your old agent that was an expert in your old neighborhood.  Successful real estate agents focus on a targeted area and because of that focus, they perform better in certain areas than they would in other areas.  So the same agent that you used to sell your last house may not perform as well selling your current house.
The agent that sold your last house may not perform as well selling your new house due to the following reasons:

  • They may not have the same resources in your current neighborhood if it’s not an area that they actively sell in.
  • Another member of that team may cover that area and this agent is not as good as your old one.
  • Not knowing the neighborhood as well may make your old agent over price or under price the listing.
  • Because they don’t actively market to your area, they may not have any buyers interested in that your area to show your house to.
  • If they don’t actively work in your area, they probably haven’t visited your competition or know how your house compares.
  • They don’t know your area so they can’t effectively promote your house to people living in your area or wanting to live in your area.
  • If that agent works in an office far away from your neighborhood, the other agents in their office probably do not work with buyers interested in living in your area so they will not be sending buyers to you.
  • If an agent has multiple listings in an area, that agent will be aware of the changes and market fluctuations in that area faster than an area the agent doesn’t regularly cover.
  • The farther you are off the agent’s beaten path, the harder it is to schedule showings or open houses.  That means less potential buyer traffic.
  • They aren’t one of the top-producing Realtors in your neighborhood.  There are agents that perform better in your neighborhood than your old agent does.

If your current house is just a few blocks away from your old house, then these examples may not be applicable, but if you moved across town, or a neighboring town, like from Fort Worth or Dallas to Plano, Texas then you should consider looking for a different agent.  I’m sure the agent you used to sell your last house did a great job selling your last house, but there is a good chance that they will not do as good for you the second time around because they don’t specialize in your new neighborhood like they do for your old location.  Their knowledge of your old location may be why you liked them then, but you may not like their ability to perform in your current area.  Your safest bet is to find the top producing agents that currently sell house in your area.  Use AgentHarvest’s free services to find out which agents are the top performing agents in your area and hire one of those agents to sell your house.

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