Commonly Overlooked Property Value Killers

flooded intersection

Flooded Intersection – Dupondt via Wikimedia Commons

When house hunting, it is easy to get swept away by a home that seems like the right fit. You love the layout, the price is right, and it even has the upgraded kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. With so much to love, you may have missed a nearby property value killer that could turn your home into a money losing prospect. Before you buy, look out for these common property value killers.

High Voltage Power Lines

All homes need power, and it is common for houses to have either a buried or visible power line going into the home. Every power line (and anything that plugs in) gives off an electromagnetic field, which has a small level of radiation.

The radiation from small power lines is negligible, but large, high capacity lines create a much larger electromagnetic field. While the science is inconclusive on whether it is harmful, some studies have found a dramatically higher instance of childhood leukemia when children live near high voltage lines.

Even more, they are ugly and emit a low buzzing sound that can be heard on a quiet night. That is a double dose of property value killers.

Busy Intersections

If your home is on a busy corner, you will have traffic driving in front of your house nearly all hours of the day and night. Loud trucks and motorcycles can be heard accelerating even through thick windows, and people in a hurry running stop signs creates a danger zone around your property.

Again, this is an even bigger issue with children around, who may want to ride bikes and play in the nearby street. Busy intersections are dangerous for kids and adults alike, and may scare off a buyer.

Train Tracks & Highways

Train tracks are quiet most of the time, but when a train comes through, you might as well be living through an earthquake if you live close enough. If you back up to a switch or rail yard, the sound of coupling train cars thunders through the air whenever a train starts or stops.

Living within a block or so of a high speed highway is another noise nuisance. Double pain windows help dampen the noise, but you still may hear the sounds of traffic during rush hour and cars whirring by on a quiet night.

Noise does not bother every prospective buyer, but living near train tracks or a highway may scare away enough people to depress the sale price of a home. Those are serious property value killers.

Flood Plains

Even a 100 year flood plain is expected to flood every hundred years. Living in a flood plain causes a whole heap of complications and risks for a homeowner.

First, you have to decide if the flood risk is high enough to need flood insurance. If you do decide to get flood insurance, which is always a good idea when living in a flood plain, you can typically only get it through a government flood insurance program.

When the waters do eventually rise, your entire home may be at risk. Downstairs areas and basements can receive nearly catastrophic levels of damage from flood waters, and other valuables in your home like electronics and photo albums may be destroyed as well.

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