Common Home Staging Mistakes and Misconceptions

Woman and little girl doing home repair

Staging a home to sell might seem straightforward, but there is a lot more to it than most homeowners realize. While you think the professionally decorated home is set to move, it is important to think of things from a buyer’s prospective. Here are some common home staging mistakes and how to fix them.

Home Staging Mistakes: Thinking it is too expensive

Staging a home is not free, there’s no debate there. If you have already moved out of a home, bringing in rented staging furniture can cost anywhere from hundreds to many thousands of dollars. However, the return on investment typically far outweighs the cost.

According to the Association of Staging Professionals, 95% of staged homes sell in eleven days or less and for 17% more than non-staged homes.

Also, putting the 17% sale price increase aside, it is important to take into account the cost of ownership of the home if it takes longer to sell. You have to keep paying your mortgage until the closing date. Selling almost two weeks faster can save you thousands of dollars depending on your loan terms.

Home Staging Mistakes: Leaving a Lived in Home as Is

If you are living in the home while it is listed for sale, you may be tempted to leave everything as is. Of course, you have furniture and decorations, so everything will be okay, right?


Your style may not be as modern as you think, and anything that appears to clutter the home can be a big turnoff to potential buyers. If you are going to live in the home while it is for sale, work with a qualified agent to remove as much clutter as possible and neutralize the style.

Home Staging Mistakes: Leaving Out Personal Items

Potential buyers should walk in the door and be able to see themselves living in the home. Seeing pictures of your family, no matter how beautiful it is, can seriously harm that perception.

Remember, you are selling the space, not the stuff. A well-staged home does not have any family photos, heir looms, or other clutter in view of anyone during an open house or showing.

Home Staging Mistakes: Trying to Cover Up Problems reminds that staging is not a fix for other issues. After you accept an offer, the home still has to go through an inspection before it is sold. Any serious problem in the inspection can lead to a dead deal.

If you have cracked tiles, need to paint, or other cosmetic issues, you may be better off just spending the money to fix them before worrying about staging. Everything comes out in an inspection, and a staging cover up will lead to hassles down the road.

Trust Your Agent

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