Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE)

When you are buying or selling a home, one of the very most important steps in ensuring you get the best price possible is the negotiation. All real estate agents should have negotiation skills, but agents with the Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) designation have taken additional steps to further their education and skills in the realm of negotiation.

How Agents Earn the Certified Negotiation Expert Designation

The base CNE course is the Certified Negotiation Expert 1 course, which is a two-day course focusing on the skills required to get the best outcome in a property negotiation. Classes include psychology, persuasion, case studies, and role playing.

In addition, there is a Certified Negotiation Expert 2 course designed just for buyer’s agents, and focuses on more advanced negotiation skills and techniques. The Certified Negotiation Expert 3 course is an advanced course for seller’s agents. The advanced courses are one full day.

CNE designations are issued by the Real Estate Negotiation Institute. Other negotiation courses offered include focused courses on email negotiation and short sale negotiation.

Why Should I Hire a CNE Agent?

Buying and selling real estate is the biggest transaction most people will ever make in their life. If you are buying or selling your home, with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line, it is best to have someone you can trust will best represent your interests on your side of the negotiation table.

A CNE has taken the additional time and investment in their skills and abilities to manage your transaction negotiation to the best possible outcome.

The negotiation process can easily earn sellers or cost buyers tens of thousands of dollars. Giving in at the wrong time, or taking the wrong steps, can have a long lasting impact on your personal finances, the ability to buy future homes. Who do you want at your side for your negotiation?

Benefits of hiring a Certified Negotiation Expert Include:

  • Get the best price possible for your transaction
  • Have confidence you are making the right decisions when making offers and count-offers
  • Know that your agent has the best skills possible to guide your transaction through the offer, negotiation, and closing process

All agents, including the agent working for the other party in your transaction, are expert negotiators. To ensure you are not getting a bad deal, it is best to have every possible advantage you can on your side. A CNE designated agent has the additional training, experience, and expertise to make sure things go the right way for you when you are buying or selling your next property.

How to Find a Certified Negotiation Expert Agent?

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