How Buying Real Estate is Like Dating

Did you think your dating days were behind you? Think again. Buying real estate is just like dating. From courting to making a long-term commitment, your adventures in dating have many similarities to searching for and buying a home. By applying what you learned dating to your next real estate search, you can enjoy a more pleasant house hunting experience.

Start by Meeting a Lot of Homes to See if You Share Common Interests

When starting out in dating or home buying, cast a wide net and refine your requirements. Both personality and looks are important, and you don’t necessarily want a long-distance relationship between your home and work.

Visit a handful of open houses and decide which are worth a second look and which you can easily eliminate. Location, condition, layout, price, and features are all important in searching for a home. Just as you wouldn’t start a relationship with someone who bores you, it is important to find a home you can get excited about.

Go on a Second Date with Interesting Properties

After going on a coffee or happy hour, just like an open house if you use your imagination, you may find you like more than one property. That’s totally fine at first, but you’ll have to narrow down the list with a second date.

Buying a home is likely the largest financial transaction you’ll ever make in your life. Just like marriage, you don’t want to rush in and make the wrong choice on a whim. Go back and visit properties a second time if you think they have a chance of being “the one.”

Make an Offer if You Fall in Love

Once you narrow your list down to your first choice, assuming the home is still available, it’s time to make an offer. After becoming exclusive by going under contract, it’s time for your serious courtship.

Find a mortgage broker, have a family member come out for a look, go through an inspection and appraisal. It takes some time to get ready for a final decision. Then you must plan for the closing, which involves getting your facilitator (title company), venue, and setting a date to sign the paperwork.

It Doesn’t Always Work Out

Did you know that about half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce? Fortunately, selling a home is much easier than going through a divorce if things are not working out.

Maybe your family grew and you need a house with another bedroom. Maybe it is time to live closer to better schools or the office. Maybe you had a good run in a home, and it is time to downsize. Whatever your reasons, it is okay to sell a home.

If you sell in less than two years, beware of potential tax implications of any gains from your home. Otherwise, selling a home is a fairly simple and straightforward process.

Love at First Sight is a Risk

It is easy to find a picture-perfect property that you can quickly fall in love with, but sometimes that love at first sight experience can come back to bite you.

Even if a home seems perfect on the surface, you should still go through the steps to ensure it is really a good fit. A detailed inspection is vital to the home buying process. It would be horrible to buy a home and find out it was rotten after the fact!

Guidance from a Trusted Friend Helps

In dating, it is helpful to have a trusted friend to give you objective advice. They can act as a sounding board, an ally, and a wingman while you are dating and hunting for mister or misses right.

Just as a friend will stand by your side up to the point of reciting your vows, a trusted real estate agent is your most important ally while searching for a new home. Finding the right agent can be as hard as finding the right house, which is why we founded AgentHarvest. With a trusted listing of qualified, vetted real estate agents around the country, you can find the perfect agent for your needs at AgentHarvest.

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  1. I never would have made this connection myself! However, it’s definitely true. I dated a lot before finding my wife, and I can say that finding a home with common interests is important. I’d want one close to my work, and close to the things I like to do, too.

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