Best Shows on Netflix for a Fix and Flip Investor


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Netflix recently added a massive library of shows from HGTV and DIY Network, and they are filled with great fun and inspiration for a fix and flip real estate investor. If you are a fix and flip investor, here are some shows you may enjoy.

Genevieve’s Renovation

This show follows HGTV star Genevieve Gorder as she renovates her own New York City apartment. In the six-episode season available on Netflix, we see Genevieve combine her old apartment with the apartment next door, but she does so in her own unique style.

Along the way we see major obstacles overcome, budgets adjusted, and a unique combination of modern décor with chic design elements brought in from literally all over the world.

The Vanilla Ice Project

He may have gotten famous for the song Ice Ice Baby, but Robert Van Winkle, more popularly known as Vanilla Ice, has four seasons of fix and flip fun in his namesake show The Vanilla Ice Project.

Each season features Rob and his motely team fixing up a Palm Beach, Florida mansion. The properties were foreclosed and stripped down to bare bones, and each episode focuses on updates to one specific area of the home.

Fixer Upper

Buying a dream home is notoriously difficult. Unless you are building it yourself, there is always something from the list that gets sacrificed. In some cases, quite a bit gets sacrificed. That’s where Chip and Joanna Gaines come in.

The Waco, Texas based duo takes a couple centric approach to fix and flip investing. Joanna is in charge of the design and Chip is in charge of construction. The result is major improvement to homes without always blowing the budget. For example, the home in episode six gets a complete face-lift for only $30,000.

Property Virgins Collection

While not a fix and flip investor show per say, this show does bring in one of the most important parts of real fix and flip investing, finding a property.

This show follows first time homebuyers looking for a dream home. However, they quickly learn that their budget and dreams may not align, and that something will have to give when buying a first home.

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