Best Real Estate Agents: 5 Characteristics to Look For

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What makes an agent one of the best real estate agents in their field? Some agents are mediocre, and others are really the best real estate agents around. Here are five common qualities that the best real estate agents always share.

Best Real Estate Agents Have Local Knowledge

Knowing the local market inside and out is a core quality of the best real estate agents. Knowing the nuances of each neighborhood is a must for any agent to succeed.

The best real estate agents go beyond the typical neighborhood knowledge and have an understanding of the pricing and trends in each nook and cranny of the city. When I lived in Denver, I made the mistake of hiring a property manager who knew a northern suburb quite well, but not the downtown neighborhood where I was trying to find a tenant for my condo. Lesson learned: always pick a real estate professional that really knows your target neighborhood inside out.

Best Real Estate Agents Have Excellent Communication Skills

Most job descriptions these days include a requirement for “excellent written and verbal communication skills.” Of any industry and any profession, this is certainly important for real estate agents.

Being able to quickly and clearly communicate with an agent is vital in today’s competitive markets. A missed email or mixed communication could be the difference between a winning offer and a wasted effort.

If you are meeting with a new agent for the first time, be sure to look at all communications and decide if their communication style matches your preferences.

Best Real Estate Agents Have a Client First Attitude

I have heard real estate agent horror stories about agents who are late, rude, and put their own needs ahead of their clients. Those should be some big red flags that you are working with a low quality agent, not a top agent.

Your agent is your biggest ally when in what may be the biggest financial transaction of your life. With hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line, make sure the person you choose to work with has your best interests in mind, and that your purchase or sale is their top priority.

Best Real Estate Agents are Detail Oriented

Speaking of the biggest financial transaction of your life, make sure your agent is detail oriented and will make sure every T is crossed and every I is dotted. A small error on paperwork can cost you hours of hassle and thousands of dollars.

Just like a doctor, lawyer, or banker, your real estate agent should be on the lookout for every small detail.

Best Real Estate Agents Hustle for the Best Deal

Real estate transactions are hard work. Every deal requires negotiations, coordination, planning, and lots of paperwork. If your agent is not willing to work hard to make your purchase or sale as smooth and profitable as possible, they are not doing you justice.

A real estate agent gets a big paycheck at the close of your transaction, and the best real estate agents work hard to earn it. Anything else, and you should look for someone willing to put in the work to help you both come out on top.

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