Best Housewarming Gifts for a New Home

Any time a friend or relative moves into a new home it’s an exciting experience. Between organizing, decorating, and getting settled in, new homeowners have a lot on their plate. A fun and thoughtful housewarming gift could be the perfect touch to tie a room together or make the new home a little more comfortable. If you are looking to buy a housewarming gift, here are some guidelines to follow.

Be Thoughtful

First and foremost, be thoughtful with your gift. If you rush and pick out some nicknack, your thoughtfulness, or lack thereof, may lead to your gift ending up in a donate pile or the trash. If you want the recipient to truly enjoy your gift, put some thought into it. A perfect, inexpensive gift is often better received than an expensive one bought in a hurry.

If you are close with the recipient, think about recent conversations. Have they mentioned a cooking utensil or fun decoration they’ve been thinking about buying? That is often a perfect gift! Think about what they enjoy and how they spend their time and base your gift decision on what they would enjoy most.

Make it Practical

If you can’t think of anything your friend or relative has been thinking about recently or something that falls inline with their interests, expand your thoughts to include practical gifts around the home. Particularly focus on things that someone might need after moving.

A gift basket with commonly used household items is not exciting, but sure to go to good use. One creative Instagram user even found a way to make toilet paper a fun and memorable gift.

Toilet Paper Cake by @atangiblethought

Toilet Paper Cake by @atangiblethought on Instagram

You might laugh about a blender or toaster as a gift, but sometimes that’s just what people need. Don’t shy away from giving a needed gift just because it isn’t exciting. Find a way to make the practical gift fun.

Avoid Artwork

Pretty much the worst gift you can give is artwork. Unless you have deep pockets to deliver a true masterpiece, most people’s taste in art is very different. Everyone likes something different. Art is subjective. That is the nature of art.

If you give a painting, print, or other artwork, you might think it’s the bee’s knees but the recipient might think it is junk that their six year old nephew could have painted. I have received artwork that cost hundreds of dollars and felt guilty that I didn’t want to put it up in my home. Leave the artwork to the person who lives there.

Everyone Likes a Drink (Almost)

Unless you are giving a gift to a Mormon or a recovering alcoholic, you can rarely go wrong with a bottle of your favorite wine or spirit. Giving the gift of a good drink can lead to bonding time with friends, the right pairing for a meal in the new home, or just an aid in winding down after a long afternoon of unpacking.

When I bought my last home, I had chatted with my agent about how much we both enjoy single malt scotch. I shared that I usually went for Glenlivet, but was not as familiar with the agent’s preferred scotch, Glenmorangie. I was excited when we met at the house and she handed over a sampler pack of Glenmorangie. I was thrilled with the gift and didn’t feel bad throwing out the empty bottles after enjoying four varieties of a favorite beverage.

Find the Right Property with the Right Agent

If you saw your friend’s new home and were a little jealous, there’s no harm in looking to see what options you may have available. Working with a trustworthy and reliable agent, you can figure out what you can afford, where you want to live, and what is possible for you. It all starts with finding the right agent. To find the right agent, look to AgentHavest.

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