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Harry Campbell is an experienced real estate investor and personal finance blogger. During the day he works as an aerospace engineer but his real passion is blogging and writing about all things related to finance and real estate.

Investment Property 101

Agent Stats

Buying your own home can be daunting in its own right. But what about buying a home for complete strangers to live in it? Scary, right? Well, yes and no—it depends on how prepared and committed you are to the responsibilities associated with being a landlord. Even in today’s market where supply and demand are lopsided, many are buying up property not for themselves but rather as an investment. So what does it entail, really, to go in on an investment property? The short of it is that there is certainly real upside to being a landlord so long as your smart and diligent in the role. Continue reading

Sell (Now!) New York

New York City
New York City is a sellers market RIGHT NOW!

How long have you been waiting to hear that? Well don’t wait much longer now that you’ve been warned. Yes, warned. It is no surprise that the New York City real estate market has seen its fair share of activity in recent years–there’s the widening gap between supply and demand, ensuing bidding wars, and gaining market share of new construction deals. The last seven quarters has seen an uptick in overall sales, in line with the general upward trend we have been seeing in the last four or five years. The most notable part of that trend? While sales are still growing, the rate at which it is doing so is not like it has been in recent quarters.  That being said, if you are looking to get a piece of the pie with your own property the most optimal time to get the largest piece possible is now. Continue reading

Getting Your Open House Right

Open house with RealtorSelling your home is one thing. Selling it well is another. A key component of selling well starts with getting the open house right. An open house is typically when a broker or prospective buyer’s gets a first impression of a property. In a hot market like todays where demand is typically outpacing supply, homeowners are finding that the open house sets the battleground for a bidding war. Of course that’s dependent on the success of the open house. So what goes into a successful open house? Whether you have a seasoned Realtor to get the job done or you are going it alone, there are some tried and true steps to making sure your open house goes off without a hitch and you get buyers lined up with bids after the fact. Continue reading

Finding Bargains in a Booming Market

Make Your House Stand Out

What goes up…continues to go up—at least when it comes to the real estate market these days. We are seeing demand increasing and supply often lagging in a lot of places, especially in strong markets like San Francisco and Houston. As you scour through listing after listing you should not be surprised to find that your dollar may not go as far as you would like it to these days. While sellers are striking while the proverbial iron is hot, buyers almost everywhere are looking for relief from the heat. So is there relief? Most likely yes, and though it might be finding a needle in a haystack, the right microscope—and patience—will help you uncover a real steal in this booming market. Continue reading

Tips for Enhancing Curb Appeal in Drought-Ridden California

California drought

Photo courtesy of Gordon; Flickr Creative Commons 2.0

As you peruse real estate listings these days you probably aren’t surprised to find a shortage in supply. Shortage is the operative word here as you check properties out with a fine tooth comb. It is no secret that curb appeal draws buyers in, but lately it is hard to look past front lawns dotted with brown, dried patches. Yes, it is true, California’s drought is a real threat to sellers throughout the state. In stark contrast to the pleasant images of palm tree-lined streets, white picket fences, and endless summer sun, California homeowners are looking for ways around strict conservation restrictions to keep their lawns green, luscious, and buyer-friendly. After all, first impressions are everything, right? Continue reading

The Houston Real Estate Market Could be a REAL Gusher

Houston, Texas

Recovery has recently been good to the real estate market, and even kinder to Texas. They say, “everything is bigger in Texas” and growth, as of late, in Houston is truly an example of that. While home prices are rising nationally, Houston is not only playing a major part in those demand statistics, but it’s simultaneously growing in supply as well. As of the spring, Houston has outpaced major cities—and even trumps all of California—for the most new-home construction nationwide. It’s both a welcomed sign and result of economic growth for the Houston metro area. Continue reading

The Zillow-Trulia-Realtor.com Merger and the Death of NAR

National Association of Realtors - Realtor logo

National Association of Realtors

Real estate buyers and sellers are not the only ones making moves these days. As the technological revolution continues to make gains in every corner of every industry worldwide, it is no surprise that disruption is coming to the real estate world too—but at what cost? More importantly: at who’s cost? In an age where information travels a mile a millisecond via the click of a button, consumers—those who passively and actively troll real estate information portals—have much to gain from emerging technologies in the real estate space. Agents, on the other hand, have some (or more, depending on your marketing strategies) cause to worry about their business. Continue reading

5 Things to Consider Before Selling Your Home ­­­­­­­

Thinking Realtor
While parting ways with your home may be your end decision, you should think meticulously through whether or not this is the right decision for you and your property. Before you sell your home, take a moment to consider important factors that will ultimately impact the success of your listing. Continue reading

The Effects of Legalizing Marijuana on the Denver Real Estate Market

Denver Colorado
When marijuana became legalized in Colorado many feared the repercussions. While late night dining establishments and 24 hour snack food emporiums may find the new law appealing for its money-making potential, homeowners and buyers alike share a less enthusiastic attitude. That being said, is the legalization of marijuana all that destructive to the Denver market? Continue reading