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Harry Campbell is an experienced real estate investor and personal finance blogger. During the day he works as an aerospace engineer but his real passion is blogging and writing about all things related to finance and real estate.

2015: The Year of the Seattle Millennial Homeowner?

Much has been written about the millennial generation and its impending impact on all facets of the economy. From a real estate perspective, millennials are prime to become the largest group of home buyers in the next five years. The Pacific Northwest is not without its place in this shift. Seattle is now home to the benefits of advantageous home loans, job growth, and stabilizing real estate prices. As rents continue to soar all over the nation, and even more so in places like King County, the draw of homeownership for millennials gains steam. Continue reading

Down With Oil = Down with Dallas Real Estate?

Dallas Skyline closeup at Sunset
In case you see a rare “For Sale” sign come down, and new neighbors move in, it likely won’t be an oil baron in the making. Gas prices are at unfamiliar (at least in more recent times), historically low levels these days. Everywhere you look, gas stations are dropping their prices. While lower fuel costs are a welcome respite to consumer wallets, the situation lends itself to a curious dilemma for an otherwise strong real estate market. Continue reading

Vacation Homes – Home Sweet, Ski Home

luxurious mansion

Winter is in full swing and the snow is piling on the mountains in all the usual places. You are just itching to get your ski boots on and hit the runs. Hold that thought. Where are you putting those skis at the end of the day, though? The rental house on the bottom of the mountain is no longer available. The best hotels are already booked, and the hotels you could still get a room at are well over-priced. Is it time to consider that second home or a vacation home near your treasured black diamond trails? Continue reading

How to Create an Open House Bidding War

Image created by Stuart Miles, provided by freedigitalphotos.net

Image created by Stuart Miles, provided by freedigitalphotos.net

Your home’s first open house is critical. It’s the first time both buyers and Realtors get a real opportunity to see everything the property has to offer. It is also the first chance someone has to vet the legitimacy of the listing price relative to others like it on the market. If you have a gem on your hands then your first open house becomes the battleground for potential buyers.  With any luck, you can create an open house bidding war. Continue reading

Selling a House in Winter Could Bring a Flurry of Offers!

Snowy open house

“Winter Landscape Lapland Sweden” by Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee – Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

In the spring and summer, home sales seemingly are at their highest. The clear weather and feel-good vibes that those seasons bring along make for a more pleasant, convenient process for home buyers. Conversely, for sellers, their homes are thought to show better and easier to maintain. Despite the onset of biting cold and muddy or snow-laced pathways, real estate markets like the Denver metro and Colorado Springs area are still running relatively hot. Home sales in the Denver metro area in particular remained strong in November 2014 even with inventory being a real constraint.  While there was a decline in listings from the month prior, Denver is still seeing green with overall home sales.  Selling a house in winter brings unique challenges but it also has rewards too. Continue reading