Accredited Luxury Home Specialist (ALHS)

Some homes are average homes, and others stand out from the rest. Luxury homes are houses at the top of the market that command a premium price, and not all agents are experienced in handling luxury homes listings. If you are buying or selling a high end home, an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist (ALHS) might be exactly what you are looking for.

How an Agent Earns the Accredited Luxury Home Specialist Designation

To become an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist, an agent must complete a two day ALHS course approved by the Luxury Home Council, the managing agency in charge of the ALHS designation.

Upon completing the extensive two-day course, the agent must pass a written exam and complete two qualifying luxury home transactions. To earn the ALHS, an agent must be a member in good standing of the National Association of Realtors. Builders may also earn this designation if they are a member of the National Association of Home Builders.

The Benefits of Hiring an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist

The median home price in the United States in January, 2015 was $188,900. Real estate agents often specialize and develop an area of expertise. Do you want an agent experienced in $200,000 homes selling your $1 million home?

In a recent ALHS member survey, the average ALHS agent sells homes with a list price just over $1 million. If you are a member of an affluent family, you know how much the value of your home can impact your wealth and net worth. Buying and selling for the wrong price can cost you thousands in the $200,000 range. It can cost you much more when you raise the stakes to $1 million homes.

With your personal finances on the line, you should lend your trust only to an agent who can best handle your property transaction. While many agents are qualified, you can rest assured that an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist can confidently guide you through the process of buying or selling a top-of-market home.

Some of the benefits of hiring an ALHS agent include:

  • Expertise in homes at double or more the local market rate
  • Experience working with well educated, affluent buyers and sellers
  • Marketing training specific to luxury home buyers and sellers
  • Negotiation training specific to luxury home transactions
  • Staging and showing training for high end properties
  • Specialist agents who can comfortably work with properties in the luxury niche

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the $500,000 or higher valuation range, consider reaching out to an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist first when you begin your real estate agent search. You may save quite a bit of time and hassle weeding out unqualified agents from the start.

Where You Can Find an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist

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