9 Best Articles for (New) Real Estate Agents

Traits that successful real estate investors share in commonIf you are a new real estate agent, or just want to brush up on your real estate agent knowledge, there is a plethora of books, videos, and articles available to help you level up your skills. But if you want to skip the riff raff and just find the best articles in one place, look no further.

How to Be a Top Real Estate Agent – The Balance

This article is a “sneeze page” that sends you to ten more articles on top performing real estate agents. While all information is not self-contained, it is packed with useful tips from starting out to business management to marketing and technology.

If you want a one-stop article that links out to everything you need to know to improve your real estate game, start here.

The Best Advice I Ever Got – Realtor Mag

Veteran real estate broker Rogers Healy shares a piece of advice from his dad from his early days as an agent. When he was 24 years old, just out of college, he called his dad to complain that the “well had run dry” and he was not getting business as he expected.

His dad gave some wise advice, and the result was a great success. I won’t give away the advice here. Read the article to find out what his dad said.

First Year Real Estate Advice: 17 Realtors Go Back in Time! – Raleigh Realty

This round-up article contains tips from Realtors across the country, and even up in Canada! These tips all answer the question, “If you could go back to your first year as a Real Estate Agent, what advice would you give yourself?”

Answers include topics around the business, marketing, and online promotion. Even veteran agents can learn from these tips, and new agents can quickly find a route to improved performance in their businesses.

Why the Best Real Estate Agents are the Ones no One Hears About – Inman News

Did you know that there are over a million Realtors, but most new agents are gone within two years? This article by Hank Miller, an appraiser and associate broker since 1989, discusses perceptions to the public has about agents and why some agents are breakout successes while others fall by the wayside.

This article focuses on professionalism, listings, and why many agents fail to survive in this competitive industry.

What Realtors Need To Know About Mortgages Today – Forbes

You will never close a sale unless the buyer can afford the listing, which is why it is vital for agents to understand the mortgage lending landscape. Agents work with bankers on a regular basis to take care of paperwork, appraisals, and closing.

This article discusses some modern mortgage products that agents should know about if they want the ability to suggest the best borrowing options for their clients.

5 Ways to Work Less and Get More Done as a Real Estate Agent – BiggerPockets

BiggerPockets is a treasure trove of real estate information, and this article stands out as particularly helpful for new agents looking to get the best bang per hour of work. With so many tasks to juggle, anything that increases productivity is very much welcome to agents.

If you feel overwhelmed and overworked, and like you just can’t get ahead, follow these tips and you’ll be an efficiency machine in no time!

Content Marketing for Real Estate: 7 Tips for Getting Real ROI – HomeSpotter

If you want an in-depth guide to turning your real estate website into a lead generating machine, Author William Harris walks us through strategies to turn you ensure your content marketing efforts lead to the maximum result.

Content marketing costs time or money, or both. Don’t let that spending go to waste. Instead, turn your blog into a business asset that brings in new leads, new clients, and new sales.

5 Essential Tips for Networking in Real Estate – Entrepreneur

Real estate success takes more than just setting up a website and waiting for potential clients to email. Real success in real estate requires relationships, networking building, and meeting new people on a regular basis.

This article takes you through some of the most effective and useful networking strategies for real estate agents. The web and in-person meetings are both vital tools in growing your portfolio as an agent.

Powerful Real Estate Marketing Ideas From 19 Top Experts – BuildFire

If you work in real estate, you are in sales whether you like it or not. To get the most sales, you need marketing prowess, but this doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Instead of figuring it out as you go, learn from these 19 experts who share deep advice on growing your real estate marketing skills.

And these are not just one-line answers telling you what you already know. These are thoughtful responses aimed at helping you succeed.

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