50 Essential Home Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Summer

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Spring is in full effect and so is the aftermath of winter on your home—inside and out. Here are some great spring maintenance tips to prep your property for the warm months!

1. Check rain gutters. Repair (or replace) leaky and loose units to ensure proper drainage. Clear gutters of any blockages of foliage

2. Examine shingles on the roof and replace any that have fallen off or are damaged from winter rains and snow

3. Have your chimney cleaned and inspected for structural integrity

4. Service and clean your heating and cooling units. If you haven’t already done an annual check up, now would be a good time to do so to prep for the summer heat.

5. Replace air conditioning filters throughout your home

6. Level out the soil around your yard. Areas where water pools can eventually seep into your home and cause water damage in the process. In the summer, these pools can attract mosquitoes

7. Give your garage and/or workshop a good spring-cleaning. Toss old, rusty blades, organize loose nails and screws in bins, and clear the area of clutter

8. Replace your lawnmower blades, replace batteries or top off gas, and ensure garden shears are in working order so you’re ready for the spring/summer yard work

9. Pressure wash your windows to spruce up the outside of your home

10. Prepare your pool for the warm weather! Check on the filtration system to make sure it’s working properly, clean out baskets, and remove any plugs.

11. Have a professional test your pool water to ensure it’s safe for use.

12. Top off the pool if the water level has been reduced during the winter.

13. Install ceiling fans if you’re in a moderate climate for low-cost cooling in the spring and summer

14. Invest now to save later on your energy bill. Get a programmable thermostat that can help cool your home in a more efficient, automatic fashion.

15. Drain and clean swamp coolers

16. Redo weather-stripping around doors to keep cool air from escaping

17. Use caulk to fill gaps around a door or windows

18. Touch up seal around windows

19. Have your outdoor deck checked for structural integrity, especially after

20. Rent a pressure washer to clean up the exterior of your home

21. Shampoo your carpets clean

22. Patch up surface cracks or chips in your driveway or walkway concrete

23. Consider budgeting for your driveway asphalt to be resealed after about 2-5 years

24. Take note of any musty smells or stained walls to ensure your basement does not have any leaks or has been damaged by flooding. If so, address it immediately and call in the pros

25. Reseal your outdoor deck

26. Place a “draft stopper” in your chimney’s flue to maximize energy savings in the summer

27. Fill patches in your lawn by laying new sod

28. Enhance your curb appeal by clearing your flower bed of weeds and planting new buds

29. Reset your sprinkler system to adjust to the warmer, drier season

30. Clear your dryer’s vent to ensure effectiveness and eliminate fire hazards

31. For a quick, low-cost exterior spruce up slap on a new coat of paint onto smaller units like window shutters

32. Clean or replace your welcome mat at the front door

33. Dust light fixtures and replace old bulbs with energy-saving bulbs

34. Wash down doors and knobs

35. Shine faucets

36. Reseal grout in bathrooms

37. Whether you can hit the “self clean” button or must do so manually, clean all kitchen appliances thoroughly

38. Repair or replace missing or broken window coverings/blinds

39. Re-coat and polish wood floors to give them a nice shine

40. Wipe down and polish staircase railings

41. Wash thresholds of all exterior entries

42. Dust and clean ceiling fan blades

43. Dress your front door with a fresh coat of paint

44. De-clutter your home and rid storage rooms of unnecessary boxes

45. Paint visible, interior walls, especially ones that your children or pets have messed

46. Use the proper cleaning solutions on bathroom and kitchen tile to get them sparkling

47. Remove stains from countertops

48. Vacuum refrigerator coils underneath

49. Check and replace batteries in smoke detectors

50. Clear dry brush from the grounds against and surrounding your home to limit fire hazards in the warm months

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