50 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Look Sellable

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First impressions are everything, and it goes without saying that a good first impression will get your home sold. While it would be nice to invest in value-adding renovations and fixes, this list of inexpensive to do’s can do wonders for getting you offers on your home.  When you’re interviewing a potential Realtor, feel free to go over this list with him/her and see what kind of feedback they give you.  You probably won’t be able to do everything on this list, but you always want to give yourself the best chance at selling your home.

1.  Refresh your kitchen by simply changing cabinetry hardware.

2.  Get your home professionally photographed.

3.  Have a professional cleaning service tidy up your space.

4.  Run down to your local grocery store to rent a heavy-duty carpet shampooing cleaner and solution. Your carpets will look brand spanking new with a fresh wash!

5.  Eliminate unwanted odors with scented candles or air fresheners.  But don’t go overboard.

6.  On a nice day when showing your home, open windows to let fresh air come through and gently blow curtains.

7.  Highlight counter space in kitchens and bathrooms—store away unnecessary items.

8.  De-clutter your home office. Tidy up paperwork (tuck away and secure confidential documents!) and spotlight décor that makes buyers envision working in the space themselves.

9.  Sparingly showcase happy family photos of life inside the property.

10.  Eliminate clutter in closets.  Keep them looking filled, but not stuffed, so buyers can see how much closet space they could be getting.

11.  Mow both your front and back lawns.

12.  Fill or cover holes in walls from mounted pieces.

13.  Make sure all built in light fixtures are working and with a new, bright bulb.

14.  Keep all lights on in every room/space in the house, even in the daytime.

15.  Slap on a fresh coat of paint to the façade.

16.  If you can’t afford to repaint your entire home’s façade, repaint shutters and trim to brighten up the curb appeal just a tad.

17.  Spot treat stains from pets, spills, and kids.

18.  Remove eccentric décor—keep furnishings and décor to tasteful, commonplace items that have mass appeal.

19.  Give windows a good cleaning inside and out so views are clear.

20.  Open up drapes and blinds to let natural light flood into rooms.

21.  Decorate tables with real (or at least nice-looking faux) flowers.

22.  Plant fresh greenery and flowers in your front lawn.

23.  Replace old/non-working outdoor and pathway lighting.

24.  Keep all doors open and pathways clear.

25.  Stage dining room tables with nice, full place settings so buyers could envision sumptuous meals in the home.

26.  Brighten up the entry space by adding simple potted plants and a new welcome mat.

27.  Put in new, clean towels and bath rugs in all bathrooms.

28.  Stage a master bath soaking/Jacuzzi tub with candles, a book, and wine glasses.

29.  Change interior door knobs with new, tasteful ones.

30.  Clean out your garage and park the maximum amount of cars that it can fit to show the full usage of the space.

31.  Trim shrubbery and remove unsightly plants and weeds.

32.  Replace older faucet fixtures with modern and eye-catching ones. You don’t need to go top of the line, but you can find affordable pieces that are more modern and tasteful,

33.  Stage empty rooms to demonstrate their potential. For example, put in spare weights to suggest a workout room.

34.  Clean all appliances and remove unnecessary pieces like pots and pans.

35.  Empty out the dishwasher and put neatly put away dishes in case buyers peak inside cabinets.

36.  Keep spaces at a comfortable temperature. Showcase that the A/C or heating is suitable and in good-working order.

37.  For rainy day showings make sure you’ve cleaned out your rain gutter.

38.  Powerwash the sidewalk, fences, walkways, and driveway.

39.  Get a roaring fire going in the fireplace.

40.  For homes with built in speakers play soft music.

41.  Take pets out of the home during showings. Otherwise, cage them so they’re not a distraction.

42.  Remove excessively large furniture to give the illusion of a more spacious room.

43.  Give the front door a quick update with a fresh coat of paint.

44.  Get leaky faucets fixed before showings.

45.  Remover personal items on refrigerators, dressers, and counters.

46.  Buy a new doorknob for the front door, where buyers will enter. Make sure it works perfectly and easily.  Buyers and agents fumbling with the front door, trying to unlock, lock, or open it makes a bad impression.

47.  Coordinate nice bedding and pillows to dress up bedrooms.

48.  Give outdoor patio furniture a good wipe down so it looks inviting the moment buyers step out back.

49.  Invest in large decorative mirrors to make spaces look larger.

50.  If you can’t reface cabinets, at least throw on a coat of paint or stain.

Happy Selling!

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  1. Mr. Campbell, just getting started. Have three properties. Developing scopes and flow charts. Lots of unknowns but doing out best to make good decisions. Thanks for the tip list on how to make house more sellable. Would like to hear from you. Richard

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