5 Ways Owning a House Can Improve Your Life

Created by Sura Nualpradid courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Created by Sura Nualpradid courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Owning a house is a big undertaking, but it can also be liberating and life changing. Buying your own house with your own four walls gives you a new level of freedom and independence that renters and condo dwellers don’t have. Read on for five ways owning a house can improve your life.

No Shared Walls

It was just three minutes after getting our baby to bed that our upstairs neighbor dropped something heavy, caused a loud clang, and woke up our ten month old baby girl.

Stereos, loud footsteps, and noisy gatherings can disturb you, distract you, and annoy you and your family. Shared walls can mean an instant community, but they can also mean less privacy and lots of unwanted noise. Owning a house, you don’t share a wall, ceiling, or floor with anyone.

Your Own Yard

Even the smallest properties usually have some sort of yard, and having a yard comes with a big list of benefits.

  • Grow your own garden
  • Give your kids an “urban camping” sleepover
  • Have a perfect spot for grilling
  • Enjoy the summer weather without leaving home
  • Play catch in your backyard

This is just scratching the surface. As a bonus, you can also landscape to your own delight, and make sure the space is perfectly utilized for however you want to use it. When thinking about owning a house, outdoor space shouldn’t be left out of the decision.

Decorate to Your Own Taste

Do you want bright colored walls? How about built in shelving? Maybe a custom closet with racks for all of your shoes? When renting, you have to ask permission for every change, and many of them come out of your pocket but have to be left behind when you move.

Owning a house, you have the freedom to change whatever you want. Install a custom electric tie rack in the master closet. Install shelves to display your massive shot glass collection. Paint your walls pink and canary yellow. And no one can say no!

Financial Stability

Rent goes up and up, sometimes faster than your income. As long as you are renting, the only thing that keeps your rent from rising is your lease, current market conditions, and rent control regulations if you are lucky.

Renters in Portland, Oregon are currently seeing their rent skyrocket thanks to a big influx of new residents and a housing shortage. Owning a house protects you from rent increases. The most common mortgage locks in your monthly rate for 30 years. That gives you financial stability and helps you sleep well even during a housing shortage.

Setting Up Roots on Your Terms

With apartments, neighbors come and go quickly, and you could be just another short timer in the complex. When you buy a home, you have a real opportunity to setup roots and build a network of friends and colleagues.

When you’re renting, neighbors and friends may come and go. Owning a house, you know you’ll be there for a while, and you can become part of the local community in a whole new way.

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